Inside Ruby: An In Depth Understanding of Modules in Ruby

Vancouver Ruby Meetup Group
Vancouver Ruby Meetup Group
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1605-555 W. Hastings St. Harbour Centre · Vancouver, BC

How to find us

Meet in the lobby of Harbour Centre near the elevators at 6:55 PM. Somebody will be letting people up.

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Luke Cowell will be giving a presentation about modules in Ruby starting with some basics and continuing to some advanced topics. This is a great opportunity for those who know Rails but would like to learn more about how Ruby works. For those that are comfortable with Ruby, you will get a refresher and Luke will touch on some more advanced topics to do with modules.

Topics include:

How include and extend work How methods are mapped from modules to classes How the inheritance chain works with respect to modules When to use inheritance and when to use modules What is "self" at key points in the module lifecycle How the #included and #extended callbacks work and how you can use them for meta-programming How classes and modules are usually declared as constants but how you can assign them to and use them with variables Alternate ways of creating classes and modules with and and why you might want to use them The singleton class for modules Join us on April 26, 2012 for this presentation and a chance to meet and mingle with other Rubyists afterwards.

The presentation starts at 7:00 p.m. but we recommend arriving about 5 minutes early in the lobby of Harbour Centre at 555 West Hastings. Somebody will be letting people up the elevators to the 16th floor where the presentation will be held.