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Another meetup, another great presentation scheduled! We're at The Network Hub again.

Talk: Resource Oriented Architecture (ROA)

World wide web is an ever growing collection of resources published by the humanity at large. These resources get to be produced and consumed by utilizing the underlying Resource Oriented Architecture (ROA). ROA differs from the garden variety of legacy computing infrastructures by not elaborating on extensible protocols.

The presentation will focus on explaining the working of ROA, as well as on exposing the benefits of adopting this architecture. Following that, we will discuss some perceived drawbacks inherent in ROA, and will conclude the presentation by describing how can Ruby on Rails framework help us build web sites using the principles of ROA.

Speaker Bio:

Alex Bunardzic has 18 years of full time software development under his belt. He specializes in managing development efforts based on the principles of Resource Oriented Architecture at Raymond James Ltd. Alex has been very sporadically publishing some of his findings and conclusions on software development and ROA at (

P.S. I won't be able to make this one unfortunately (in Ontario that week), but that won't matter: Dima will be organizing this meeting, bringing my projector, etc.