Unfactoring From Patterns: Job Security Through Code Obscurity

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Noon Friday - Special Event:

Rein Henrichs is in town, all the way from Florida. Rein is from HashRocket (Obie Fernandez's company) and will present a BETA of his RubyConf08 talk at WorkSpace this Friday, October 3rd at Noon PDT.
Bring your lunch and settle into the big communal room at WorkSpace for 40 or so minutes of pure fun and excitement.

This is the talk: https://rubyconf.o..... (https://rubyconf.o..). which covers a look at Ruby Patterns from a reverse angle (Anti-Patterns).


Unfactoring From Patterns: Job Security Through Code Obscurity

Unfactoring is the process of taking well designed software and,
through an iterative series of
small changes, making it completely unmaintainable by anyone but you.

about Rein:

Rein made his way to web development from a graphic design background
but quickly found an aptitude and passion for writing successful
software. An avid guitarist, pianist and table tennis player, Rein
also writes a popular Ruby blog (https://reinh.com/... (https://reinh.com/)) and speaks
frequently at Ruby conferences and user groups.