Integrating RubyMotion into a Rails based workflow


Tys von Gaza will be talking about the challenges of moving from a Rails based workflow to learning and building a RubyMotion application. RubyMotion is the new Ruby tool chain for building and testing native iOS applications. Tys is a senior developer at the startup, Clio, helping work on their large Rails application, API and RubyMotion application. He will explain:

- Why should a Rails team choose RubyMotion over iOS?
- Difference between the community and resources between Rails and RubyMotion
- What success have we had in transferring our Rails knowledge over to RubyMotion?
- What pitfalls has our team hit while learning RubyMotion?
- A look at where RubyMotion is going and what we're excited about.

This event has been wonderfully organized by Simon Wilson from Clio.