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Welcome to Vancouver Dining Out, one of the more active Meetup food groups in the region. Every week, we try to gather at one or more restaurants for dinner and great conversation. We limit our choices to those restaurants located in Vancouver, and surrounding areas in Clark County and Southwest Washington (within reasonable driving distances). We draw inspiration for our choices from restaurants that are reviewed in the Food Section of The Columbian newspaper. We also dine at restaurants that are recommended to us or are a favorite of our Meetup group for return visits. Let us know if you have a suggestion for a restaurant to visit.

We purposely keep our outings small, generally between 6 – 12 attendees. We have found that this helps to encourage everyone that attends to participate in the conversation and reduces the stress that comes from being in a large noisy group. It also reduces the strain on the kitchen and serving staff of the places we visit. Thus far, it seems to work well, from all the positive feedback we receive from attendees and restaurant owners/managers. 

The downside to this strategy is we often times have more people interested in going than we can accommodate. That results in the creation of a waitlist. But don’t be discouraged if an event is full. There always seems to be cancellations and if you are on the waitlist, you could be automatically added to the RSVP attending list when others cancel. If you see something you like, sign up. Knowing that you are wanting to attend one of our Meetup events, our event leaders make every effort to get you included.

Covid Considerations
We all have lived through an extraordinary time these past 24 months and I for one, am eager to be able to get out and about again. But, the reality is that much has changed and all of us need to be mindful of our own health as well as the health of others, both in our group as well as the employees and other customers of the restaurants we visit.

As part of our return to some semblance of normal, we will resume our policy for no-shows, with one minor change. 

Our policy on no shows is simple.  The first time you RSVP an event and do not notify the event host that you are not attending, you will get a gentle reminder of the importance of minding your schedule and your appointments, including our events.  The second time will be a warning that your membership to our group will be revoked if a third no-show occurs. If and when the third no show occurs, you will be removed from our group.

The minor change I mentioned – we will not consider same day cancellations as a no show through June 30, 2022.  Starting July 1st, we will resume that practice as well.

Feel free to send me a message with any questions, concerns or suggestions.

Thank you.
Dale Groetsema, Organizer, Vancouver Dining Out Meetup Group

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We ate here in March and it was a hit. Authentic Italian Pizza and and Pasta. So delicious. Please join us for a mid week meal without having to cook.


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