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Welcome to Vancouver Dining Out, one of the more active Meetup food groups in the region. Every week, we try to gather at one or more restaurants for dinner and great conversation. We limit our choices to those restaurants located in Vancouver, Clark County and Southwest Washington (within reasonable driving distances). We draw inspiration for our choices from restaurants that are reviewed in the Weekend Section of The Columbian newspaper. We also dine at restaurants that are recommended to us or are a favorite of our Meetup group for return visits. Let us know if you have a suggestion for a restaurant to visit.

We purposely keep our outings small, generally between 8 – 12 attendees. We have found that this helps to encourage everyone that attends to participate in the conversation and reduces the stress that comes from being in a large noisy group. It also reduces the strain on the kitchen and serving staff of the places we visit. Thus far, it seems to work well, from all the positive feedback we receive from attendees and restaurant owners/managers. The downside to this strategy is we often times have more people interested in going than we can accommodate. That results in the creation of a waitlist. But don’t be discouraged if an event is full. There always seems to be cancellations and if you are on the waitlist, you could be automatically added to the RSVP attending list when others cancel. If you see something you like, sign up. Knowing that you are wanting to attend one of our Meetup events, our event leaders make every effort to get you included.

“The Fine Print”

As mentioned above, we generally limit our events to 8-12 attendees and often times we have a waitlist. Most folks are able to respond quickly to a change from waitlist to “going” on short notice but we encourage and support you cancelling your RSVP as soon as you determine you are unable to go. This helps to make sure that as many as possible that want to attend our events are in fact able to do that.

Conversely, those that don’t show up or that cancel the day of the event prevents the members on the waitlist from attending. Simply put, we end up with empty seats at our table. This is also unfair to the restaurants that often times will set up our eating area based on the count we give them. All in all, not a good outcome.

To encourage members to be mindful in managing their RSVPs, we treat no-shows and same day cancels the same. At the first occurrence, we will send you a message reminding you of the importance of managing your RSVP. Understanding that life happens and sometimes we are not able to avoid having to no-show or same day cancel, there is no penalty on the first occurrence. If it should happen again, you will receive a message alerting you that a third occurrence will result in your removal from the group. It is not my desire to remove anyone from the group, for any reason so I really appreciate your understanding and cooperation in managing your RSVPs.

Finally, we are not in any kind of numbers game to see how many members we can get. We are pleased with the growth in membership over the past 18 months but that is not our goal. All we want to do is provide you with opportunities to meet with other interesting and nice people over dinner. To that end, every three months or so, we will remove those memberships that have not visited our Meetup Group Page in the past 12 months. Most likely, that means they have moved on or even forgotten about our group. You do not actually need to attend a Meetup event to stay active. Just visit the website once in a while.

Feel free to send me a message with any questions, concerns or suggestions

Thank you.

Dale Groetsema, Organizer, Vancouver Dining Out Meetup Group

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Fish and Chips is your best choice at The Daily Catch

The Wild Fin is already well known as a great destination for seafood. Their walk-up window is getting equal attention for their fried offerings, including some fantastic halibut fish and chips. This is outside dining - if the weather does not cooperate, we will move indoors if possible. No limit on attendees, just go to the window, order your meal and find us at one of the tables outside.

Duck Tales tastes like home cooking

DuckTales Kitchen

Famous for their meatloaf, with real mashed potatoes smothered in rich gravy, they also offer lighter fare, all made mostly from scratch. A nice vibe here with friendly and efficient servers. Limit to 12 diners, possibly across two tables

Cooking Class with Chef Kim Mahan - Italian cuisine

Please note the date of this event is Wednesday, September 25th, about five months from now. This is a private cooking class for up to 12 of our members and guests at a well reviewed cooking school in Vancouver. We held a class back in September for Spanish cuisine. The class was a blast, the food was outstanding and the wine was perfect. We also had a class this past April featuring German cuisine. The food, and the wine, flowed together very well. Here is the link to their website http://www.class-cooking.com/ Our cuisine will be Italian. Our exact menu will be decided once we get closer to the date of the class. Tuition for the class is $80, which does not include wine (see discount below). I am not placing any limit on the number of members (and up to 1 guest) that can sign up initially. Your RSVP is to a waiting list. If you later determine you are unable to attend, please remove yourself from the waitlist. On July 1st, I will ask the first 12 people, including their guests, on the waitlist to send me their full tuition by July 31st. After that date, any remaining open spots will be offered to others still on the waitlist. Once you have committed to the class with your full tuition payment, you are responsible for finding someone else to take your place if you later find out you cannot attend. The classroom instruction lasts 2 hours followed by a meal where we eat everything we produced. Wine will be available from the Burnt Bridge Cellars at a 20% discount during both the class (limited) and the meal. If there is sufficient interest, I will look into scheduling a second class of the same cuisine for the same month (perhaps on a Saturday).

Mezcal and tacos at Little Conejo

Little Conejo

We've been here before - the food is outstanding and their focus on increasing the depth of their Mezcal offerings is exciting to those who enjoy that beverage. But there are plenty of choices for all of us. It is a popular place and while we will limit to just 12, we might grab two tables rather than trying to find them together

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Potluck at LouAnna’s

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