What we're about

Casual, NO DRESS-CODE gatherings for intimidation-free personal development, business, health and fitness topics. There are plenty of women's meetups out there for people who enjoy dressing up and putting their professional game-face on... THIS IS NOT THAT GROUP lol.

Group Culture:
SWEATPANTS + Business Strategies?
YOGA PANTS + Nutrition Tips?
JEANS + Tech Tutorials?


In my opinion, we all know how to behave, put on a suit and comb our hair, but sometimes a formal situation prevents us from getting off of our asses and SHOWING UP. Personally I love dressing up but sometimes you have to be able to shut off image-consciousness and just BE! I am child-free by choice, BUT especially for the mothers out there who find it hard to get out of the house feeling like a bombshell, this is for you. Roll in with a messy bun, yoga pants and baby puke on your shirt if you have to lol.

I would rather you show up AS YOU ARE, than see you miss out because you are afraid of not "fitting the image" of my group. This is an inclusive, community-minded tribe of women who have a sense of humour, can think for themselves, and are not easily offended. If you genuinely enjoy meeting new people with different outlooks on life this is for you. Let's celebrate our differences but bond over our shared healthy-obsession with self improvement and exploring goals.

Examples of events to be posted in here:

1. Lunch-and-learns on any topic from business startup or personal development, to "How to easily up your fashion game when you feel out of touch with current styles."

2. Pajama or Sweat Pants Socials (did I mention sometimes I just don't want to spend 3 hours getting ready just to go out? lol. I know I'm not alone here... so, pajamas for everyone!)

3. Fitness Labs where you can get sweaty while learning a new form of fitness in-depth, alongside other newbies.

4. "Ask an Expert" Q&A gatherings to ask an industry authority all of your burning questions on a particular topic.

6. Business Labs for the self-employed and side-hustlers

I was born in Vancouver, raised in Langley and now live in North Vancouver. These events could take place anywhere in the lower mainland so I always appreciate feedback on your preferred locations.

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