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What we’re about

All gender young people at the Vancouver YOUng Network (VYN) Meetup Group brainstorms collectively for the individual and offer ideas and solutions and come up with incredibly creative ways to get the answer for a successful future!
Indecision, fear, worry, inability to commit, always looking for an angle, and being overly cautious, are anchors that hold your ship in port. When given all the important facts, people who decide quickly are leaps and bounds beyond those who cannot make up their minds. Responding with a firm “YES!” allows your ship to sail, reach new shores, and share your success stories with others.
Who should join: 
> Young people aged from around 19 to 40 years
Conversation about:
*How to start a career or company or increase salary or improve business 
*Building strong community and global connection
*Helping/Advice others with building Business, Career & Job opportunities
*Learn how to manage your Finances and do Invest 
*How to advance in social media and save $ and precious TIME!
*Keynote Speakers (Personality, Sales & Success Coaching)
All the breaks you need in life wait within your imagination, so please come and join us to unwind your passion to a NEW WORLD!  
Strong things happen in the world when young people meet up!