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It's been a long time coming! We are happy to announce a special meetup with two very special talks. Join us on

Tuesday, July 18th @ 6.00pm

at the Eventbase Office, 1280 Homer Street for the first meetup in 2017. Talks will start at 6.30pm so make sure that you arrive on time.

We are happy to announce these talks for the night:

PEP 498: The Monologue
Mariatta Wijaya (@mariatta (

Python 3.6 was released in December 2016, and it includes 16 new PEPs! In this talk, we will focus on PEP 498 - Literal String Interpolation, affectionately known as f-strings. Let's learn about f-strings. See some examples, and know the gotchas. You’ll want to upgrade to Python 3.6 just for this!

High Fidelity Web Crawling in Python
Josh Weissbock (@joshweissbock (

Python modules such as Requests make it easy for Python to pull HTML from a webpage which you can feed to your parsing function. What becomes difficult is converting that process into an autonomous process to crawl webpages without needing regular supervision. This talk covers the lessons learns and solutions I’ve found in order to create high fidelity autonomous web crawling scripts in Python.

Butter smooth, interactive applications with Django and Websockets
Ganesh Swami (@gane5h (

Web applications have changed significantly over the years – from simple static pages,to sprinkling interactiveness with JQuery/AJAX, to full dynamic single page apps.Through each evolution, we’re adding more complexity, more data and moreasynchronous behavior to our applications.

In this new world, where does the synchronous nature of Django's request-responsecycle fit in?

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