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Remote Door Locks [Marko Mrdjenovič, Klevio]
Abstract: In november, #vblatu is hosting Marko from Klevio ( Klevio is a solutions provider for a new generation of door locks. We'll dive deep into the software (UI, server side, lock client) and the hardware stack (intercom device) of Klevio. Marko will present how their backend architecture based on async tornado, websockets, and json web tokens implements the product requirements for security, great user experience and short unlock times. Bio: Marko Mrdjenovič ( studied economics, but successfully pivoted his career into software development. He headed software development in some of the best Slovenian software companies (Parsek, Zemanta) and cofounded Cubesensors and Klevio.

FRI -Fakulteta za računalništvo in informatiko

Večna pot 113 · Ljubljana