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Putting the propulsion system where it's supposed to be [G. Bosiger, Elaphe]
• What we'll do "Putting the propulsion system where it's supposed to be" Abstract of the talk: How different is an electric vehicle that we already see driving around on a daily basis to the conventionally-driven one? We believe that it's not different enough, if only batteries are added and an internal combustion engine is replaced by an electric motor. There is only so much you can improve with incremental work on already optimized solutions and we need new paradigms to build upon. Taking inspiration from nature, the traction torque should be produced where it is actually needed – inside the wheels. Not only that the efficiency is increased and more space becomes available for the passengers or batteries, in-wheel technology offers so much more. We will find out what Elaphe has demonstrated to the industry by converting a modern SUV to in-wheel drive, throwing out more than 500 kg of the original ICE powertrain, meant only to transfer and distribute power to the wheels. Mechanical elements of the past are now becoming software features. How do advanced functions increase stability and safety of a vehicle? What are the new challenges that arise from replacing gears and shafts with electronics and software? Will more programmers than mechanical engineers be needed in order to support a new generation of propulsion systems for vehicles? About the speaker: Georgije Bosiger is a R&D engineer with more than 8 years of experience in R&D of safety critical mechatronic systems in automotive and medical device industries. He has managed to join a passion that evolved during university and doctoral studies – mechatronics and control - with his passion for cars and motorbikes which has been with him since his youth. Within his role in Elaphe Propulsion technologies, he is in charge of software development for the new generation of Elaphe Propulsion Control Unit (PowerBrain 2.0) - a central processing unit that controls multiple independent electric motors in an electric vehicle simultaneously and ensures that the car is fun to drive and at the same time extremely safe. Main focus of his work is dedicated to functional safety of electronic and electric devices according to the toughest industry standards, like the ISO 26262. He is also passionate about developing advanced vehicle functions and architecture of next generation propulsion systems with in-wheel drive (and trying them out on the track :)! • What to bring • Important to know

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