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What we’re about

Welcome to Vancouver's Young Entrepreneurs Meetup! 

They say you are the average of 5 people you spend the most time with, whether you love this quote or hate it – it’s true. 

This group is for Young Entrepreneur’s (39 and under) in the city who are running their own business or startup & also for those that are self-employed working on a freelance basis. 

Being from London, I've been growing this Meetup over there and have built an incredible community of Young Thought Leaders, Action Takers, Industry Disrupters & Visionaries. Feel free to join our private Facebook community here:

The one difficulty I’ve always faced is finding other like-minded people that I can connect with who are at a similar age and are into the things that I am, like personal growth. 

With a mixture of Socials, Workshops and Networking Events, my vision is to build a global tribe of young entrepreneurs that can help each other grow, inspire and build connections! 

Let’s talk Business, Marketing, Sales, Personal Growth, Successes, Failures, Struggles, Goals, Passions and World Changing Ideas. 

Hope you can join me for the next one!