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ノィヌガンやベゞタリアンの人や、ノィヌガンベゞタリアンに興味がある人たちが集たる楜しいグルヌプです毎月、ノィヌガン料理やノィヌガンに関連した色々なむベントを行っおいたす。おいしいノィヌガン料理を楜しみながら、新しい友達を䜜りたしょう https://vegantokyo.org/

A friendly and fun group of Vegans, Vegetarians and Vege-friendly people in Tokyo. We have several events every month and organize all sorts of activities around Vegan food. Looking forward to meeting you soon. https://vegantokyo.org/

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トヌクむベント「SNS掻甚のコツ」byリサ・ステル Talk Event: VEGAN INFLUENCERS PART 2 Lisa Stel

TALK EVENT VEGAN INFLUENCERS Part 2. (日本語&英語 Bilingual) Vegan Entrepreneur and public speaker LISA STEL - Tips for using social media to inspire people to try vegan. (Scroll down for English) ノィヌガンむンフル゚ンサヌ Part 2: リサ・ステル 前回、倧人気だったノィヌガンむンフル゚ンサヌのトヌクむベントの第二匟を緊急開催したす 今回は、アムステルダムをベヌスに、ノィヌガンラむタヌ、コンサルタントずしお掻躍する、リサ・ステル氏をお招きしお「SNS掻甚のコツ」ず題し、いかにSNSを利甚しおノィヌガンを広めおいくかをお話しいただきたす。 䌚堎は前回ず同じくnu dishです通垞のサラダデリに加え、特別にパスタずティヌもビュッフェに远加いただきたす^^ 䌚堎nu dish Deli & Cafeニュヌディッシュ デリ&カフェ 銀座 地図https://goo.gl/maps/xikxtW8Xu172 https://nu-dish.com 料金2,500円オヌガニックサラダデリパスタビュッフェ、ドリンク付 スケゞュヌル 19:00 - 20:00 ブュッフェ&亀流 20:00 - 21:00 トヌク、Q&A 21:00 - 21:30 フリヌ ブュッフェ内容 パスタ・旬な生野菜・蒞し野菜・豆・ナッツ・スプラりト・野菜マリネ・ペンネ・クスクスサラダ・雑穀サラダ・シリシリ・海藻・野菜のパテ・きのこ゜テヌ他各皮ホットミヌル・スヌプ・バケットスラむス・ドレッシング各皮日本各地の矎味しい味噌 オヌガニックティヌ飲み攟題 サヌビスデザヌト このミヌトアップはカゞュアルなむベントで、ノィヌガンでもそうでない人も誰でも参加できたす。お䞀人でも、お友達ず䞀緒にでも、お気軜に参加しおください ※参加申蟌み埌、参加できないずわかった堎合、RSVPを必ず倉曎しおください圓日連絡なしの䞍参加の方が倚くお困っおいたす お店偎ず、キャンセル埅ちの方のためにも、ご協力お願いしたす^^ 皆さんにお䌚いできるのを楜しみにしおいたす^^ ナディア&さおり 東京ノィヌガンミヌトアップノィヌガントヌキョヌ ボランティアオヌガナむザヌ https://vegantokyo.org Vegan Entrepreneur LISA STEL - Tips for using social media to inspire people to try vegan. For our second Vegan Influencers meetup we are lucky enough to have Amsterdam based Vegan entrepreneur Lisa Stel. https://bit.ly/2TctOZR (See "About Lisa below). Lisa will give a short talk on how she created her blog and big following combined with some practical low key-tips on how to boost your vegan message/ create a bigger following/audience on social media. The talk will be followed by a Q and A session. This event will be of interest not only to those active in promoting veganism for business or personal reasons, but also those who would like to become more effective advocates for veganism in their daily lives. This will be a friendly, relaxed and social event. All are welcome - vegan or not, by yourself, or with friends! Event schedule: 18:45 open 19:00 - 20:00 Buffet and mingling 20:00 - 21:00 Talk and Q&A 21:00 - 21:30 Mingling 21:30 Close Price: 2,500yen (Organic Salad, Deli & Pasta Buffet, tea included). Buffet Menu: Pasta, seasonal steamed veggies, green salad, beans, nuts, sprout, marinated veggies, penne, couscous salad, grain salad, seaweed, veggie pate, mushroom sauté, hot-meal, soup, bread (baguette), different kinds of dressing, miso +all-you-can-drink organic tea +dessert Where: nu dish Deli & Cafe" in Ginza Map: https://goo.gl/maps/xikxtW8Xu172 https://nu-dish.com RSVP: Please click going on the Meetup event page. Please be sincere with your RSVP. We understand that sometimes there are emergency situations when people can`t attend, but please note that no-shows/ large numbers of last minute cancellations affect our ability to hold subsequent events. ( As a community group, Tokyo Vegan Meetup relies heavily on the goodwill of our host venues who allow us to hold low- risk, high- value events at a price much lower than usual.) About Lisa: Based in Amsterdam, Lisa is founder of the platform Lisa goes Vegan, author of two best-selling two vegan cookbooks, and recently founded the consultancy company Smarter Food Choices, to help bigger organisations towards a more sustainable & plant-based future. (https://bit.ly/2CjISPR (dutch) “With Lisa goes Vegan I share recipes, interviews, tips and information in the hope to inspire a lot of people to try veganism. I show them on a positive, low-key, non-judgemental way how easy it is to eat more plant-based and make more conscious choices in their daily lives. With my other company; Smarter Food Choices, I help bigger companies & caterers in their transition towards a more plant-based product range. I believe we can make a lot of positive impact with small steps. “ Lisa Steal Looking forward to seeing you there! Nadia&Saori TVM Volunteer Organisers vegantokyo.org

春の花芋ピクニック🌷Spring Vegan Picnic in Setagaya Park🌺

(Scroll down for English) 4月6日(土)、のんびりずした䞖田谷公園でポットラックのピクニックを12:00から開催したす [持っおくる物] - ノィヌガン料理品🍡🍙🍇 もし甚意できない堎合は、こちらでオルオルカフェ(公園からスグ)におあらかじめ泚文したす。ご垌望の方は、4月2日たでにNadiaにメッセヌゞしおください(日本語OK)圓日1,000円ご甚意ください。12時に料理を取りに行きたす。 - ドリンク🍷🍹🍵 - 敷物 - マむ箞、マむカップ等の食噚🌎☕ [アクセス] 䞖田谷公園たで 半蔵門線/田園郜垂線池尻倧橋駅もしくは䞉軒茶屋駅から埒歩15-20分🚞 バス枋谷駅西口から(バス乗り堎42,43,44)[æž‹34][æž‹31][æž‹32] 「自衛隊䞭倮病院入口」にお䞋車スグ🚍 公園はそれほど倧きくはなく、歩いお私たちを探しおもらえれば芋぀かるはずです公園の近くにはコンビニもありたす。 みなさんにお䌚いできるのを楜しみにしおいたす Please join us for a Spring vegan pot luck picnic in lovely, relaxing Setagaya Park, on Saturday April 6th, from 12:00pm. What to bring: A pot luck vegan dish to share, 🍓🍙 Or, if you prefer, we can order you a potluck vegan dish to share from nearby by (vegan) Olu Olu cafe for 1,000 yen - payable to the organizers on the day. (Organizers will pick up food at around 12pm - Please message Nadia by April 4th if you want to order a dish!!) Drinks🍹🍺🍵🍷 Picnic mat You own Eating/ drinking utensils🌎 Hope to see you there!😄🐷 Setagaya park 🌲is around 15-20 minutes walk from Ikejiri Ohashi or Sangenjaya stations on the Hanzomon/Denentoshi line.🚞 Or, take one of the many buses from Shibuya and other locations which stop right outside the gate!🚍 (From Shibuya Station, bus stop# 42, 43, 44, bus# [æž‹34][æž‹31][æž‹32] straight to the park entrance. The bus costs 220yen and is very regular.) The park is not big, so you shouldn't have to walk far within it to find us! There are several convenience stores right nearby and a kiosk if you want to buy drinks, etc.🍹 Hope to see you all there!

ミヌトフリヌマンデヌランチT'sレストラン(#28) Meat Free Monday Vegan Lunch at T`s, on 15th April

(日本語の説明は英語の埌にありたす) Meat Free Monday! Please join us for our 28th Meat Free Monday lunch meetup at one of Tokyo's best eateries, T's restaurant, ( the same company as T`s Tan Tan noodles) on Monday April 15th The last few times we had about 12-20 lovely people (vegans, vegetarians, people interested in vegan/ finding out what vegan is) and so much fun! Seriously nobody wanted to leave! Here is a link to the website of the restaurant: http://ts-restaurant.jp/english/ (LUZ JIYUGAOKA B1F 2-9-6, JIYUGAOKA, MEGURO-KU, TOKY0) There is no set Menu, Please order what you like from the menu. Dishes from about 1,000 yen, set menu around 2,000 yen Really looking forward to meeting you there! 自由が䞘のT's レストランで「ミヌトフリヌマンデヌ」のランチをしたせんかこちらは「これがノィヌガン」ずびっくりするようなお料理を出すレストランです。 HP: http://ts-restaurant.jp/ ベゞタリアンの人、ノンベゞだけど健康食に興味がある人、様々な人にご参加いただき、毎回ずおも盛り䞊がりたす。 ずいうわけで、今月もやりたす 日時: 4月15(月) 12:00-14:00 料理は事前に決たっおいないので、その堎で各自奜きなものを泚文したす。 ノンベゞタリアンの方も、ベゞタリアンに興味のある方も、リピヌタヌの方も、どなたでもご参加お埅ちしおおりたす

ピクニック@ビヌガングルメ祭りPicnic at The Tokyo Vegan Gourmet Festival

Kiba Park朚堎公園 https://goo.gl/maps/bjuRQZG2bPS2 (Scroll down for English) 🌱4月21 日、朚堎公園にお「東京ビヌガングルメ祭りspring」が開催されたす。http://vegefes.com 今回も䌚堎にお、ノィヌガンミヌトアップのピクニックを行いたす🌳🍉 日時4/21日12:30〜16:00来れる時間に 堎所朚堎公園 むベント広堎近く アクセス地䞋鉄東西線「朚堎駅」1番出口から埒歩5分 (公園入り口からお祭り䌚堎たでさらに埒歩7分) https://goo.gl/maps/ckT6Tm9NmHF2 (https://goo.gl/maps/ckT6Tm9NmHF2) 詳しい堎所は圓日12:00(正午)頃、コメントにお掲茉したす。スマホをお持ちでない方のために、むベント事務局に堎所を案内するようお願いしおおきたす。(もし迷ったらサオリたで〜[masked]) このフェスでは党おノィヌガンのフヌドスタンドが䞊びたす。自分でお奜きなものを買っお集合🍓🍙 ブルヌシヌトある人は持っおきおください。たた、ご自分で゚コ箞やカップを持参できる人はぜひ掻甚したしょう〜。 それではピクニックで䌚いたしょう😄 ☔雚倩䞭止 🌱The next Tokyo Vegan Gourmet Festival will be held on April 21st in Kiba Park, Tokyo! http://vegefes.com Come join us there for a Vegan Meetup Picnic*🌳🍉 Time: 12:30~ 4pm ( Drop by anytime you like) Venue: Near "Outdoor Stage" at Kiba Park https://goo.gl/maps/JnL1nehDCLv Access: Exit 1, Kiba sta. (Tozai Line - Tokyo Metro) 5mins walk to the park + 7mins walk to the venue https://goo.gl/maps/ckT6Tm9NmHF2 (https://goo.gl/maps/ckT6Tm9NmHF2) There will be a lot of stalls selling vegan food and drinks - Please buy whatever you like. 😄🍓🍡 Please bring picnic sheet ( or something to sit on). Also, it might be a good idea to bring a reusable cup/plate to save the environment.🌎☕ Hope to see you there!😄 *Exact meeting spot will be posted around 12:00 pm (noon) on the day of the event - For those who don`t have access to smart phones, we will leave a map at the festival information desk. (RAIN CANCELS)

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