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What we’re about

Thanks for your interest in joining the Vegan Meet Up Group. Please answer the following questions and be willing to
2. First AND last name or first name & last name initial
3. YOUR PHONE NUMBER as we call everyone

The reason for this group is to Support Anyone interested in a vegan plant based diet, but especially pre diabetics, and diabetics type 1 or type 2.
What is a plant based diet? Well it includes any vegetable or fruit and excludes any animal products. So what is an animal product? meat such as beef, pork, chicken, and fish, and things produced by animals like dairy, cheese, yogurt, butter, and most oils that can raise your cholesterol.
The purpose of this group is to find other people who are interested in bettering their health using a plant based diet who want support and encouragement. I am new to being vegan. I grew up eating meat and dairy. I have been diabetic for 42 years, but would like to live without any complications. I have chosen eating this way to improve my health but realize there are so many other people who have diabetes or other health problems that could benefit from eating this way too. I have not found too much support in the south from the health community or on meet up. This will be the first group in the North Mississippi Area.
What will we do? What kind of events are upcoming?
We will have in person meet ups where we swap recipes that we have enjoyed and learn a new one in a home kitchen, we will visit restaurants and talk about how to eat out when following a vegan diet, and we will have educational speakers who will encourage us to continue on our quest for a healthier life. We will meet up to exercise and walk together in the Olive Branch Park.