What we're about

No more preaching to the choir!

Just come have drinks with like minded people.

Vegan Drinks Events are at Establishments that;

A. Serves liquor&beer

B. Serves Vegan Food or has place for vegan food truck

C. Strive for central locations

D. Responsible consumption of alcohol

Note for Vegan Non-Drinkers. Always good to have designated drivers! Please grab a juice or a soda and blend!

Note for Non-Vegans. You're more than welcome, too! We completely welcome & appreciate your presence at Vegan Drinks. Its a great alternative way to learn more about veganism at your own pace and with a beer in your hand. Of course our hope is always that we can turn new people onto being vegan, but you can choose the level of vegan banter by politely excusing yourself from any conversation that you're not comfortable being in! Just please don't order anything non vegan at the meet up and don't be offended, some might find it shocking that you're not vegan!

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