Canceled Meetup

Meatless shepherd's pie on Thanksgiving

Needs a location


I propose a vegetarian Thanksgiving celebration amongst local herbivores! As a local resident, I have the convenience/luxury of snuggling with my family 365 days a year. Because I'm the only herbivore in my clan, immediate and extended, holidays like Thanksgiving can be lonely even when surrounded by relatives and loved ones. I propose other fellow locals who can't be around family members during the Holiday or just want to munch in gratitude with other herbivores get together for our own unique feast!

Recently, I watched an episode of 30 Minute Meals (online; The Food Network) titled "Thank You Veggie Much". This particular episode featured Rachel (the host) crafting a meatless version of a shepherd's pie. Just about every ingredient she used can be found in any grocery store (Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, etc.) I propose we gather those same ingredients and create the dish ourselves!

I don't have a place big enough to share for such a celebration but if someone does, please speak up :o)