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Thelema and the Western Mystery Tradition
Qabalah, astrology, tarot. Alchemy, magick, initiation. Science, art, literature. What is the Great Work and how does the study of these topics come into play in the quest to uncover our own Mystery? These are questions we will pursue in this weekly class. You will be introduced to various aspects of Western Magick and Mysticism, each class providing a stepping stone toward further exploration. Its theoretical scope will assist in making sense of many of occultism's most hidden processes, while its practical aspect will not only change how you think of yourself and the universe, but also the manner in which you hold those thoughts. This class is presented by College of Thelema and taught by Zeph Bender, a Grand Chief of Temple of Thelema and a student and practitioner of occultism for 30 years. We do not charge a fee for the class, however a $5 Donation is suggested.

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Private Location · Inglewood, ca

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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

We are a group of people who get together to study a vast array of esoteric subjects. We meet every other week in the Del Rey area. This study group is interactive and open to all levels of experience.

Love is the law, love under will.

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