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Do you have issues being around other people, but you still like to have fun?

Then you are in the right place. You don't have to be perfect or pretend to be a conversational genius or hide your anxiety.

Which describes you best?

Shy - Someone who wants to be around others but experiences anxiety or outright fear when around strangers or large groups. Enjoys talking to people but may avoid talking to unfamiliar people and seeks ways to overcome the anxiety and break down that wall.
Introvert - Someone who prefers to be alone and can be in medium and/or large groups wihtout necessarily feeling anxiety. Avoids unnecessary conversations. Has trouble making new friends but may have a core group of friends. Prefers to be alone but has realized the limitations that puts on one's life and now wants to break out and meet more people.
Quiet Type - Someone who keeps to his or herself. Wants to be with others but is equally happy doing activities alone or on the Internet. Does not initiate conversations and may not be a great conversationalist but wants to connect with people and make freinds.

Let’s face it, it’s hard for those of us who are in any of these categories to make friends and enjoy life. When we meet new people we can’t relax and be ourselves because we’re so anxious or self-conscious or we just don't know what to say to generate a conversation with a stranger.

Have you ever known someone who could walk into a room of strangers and turn them into a room of friends in three minutes. If you walk in the same room, 30 minutes later no one has even noticed you. Don't you hate that!

Extroverts are welcome too. We do lots of fun activities and having someone outgoing in the group can spice things up. Just because this group is for the "quiet ones" does not mean we would exclude someone who likes to have fun.

It is always OK to come to a meeting and just be quiet or just watch if you do not want to participate. You are welcome anytime!

There are many reasons we become like this and many ways we can change the situation. It is not about changing who you are. It is simply a matter of learning some new skills so you can change the things you do.

We’re worried that we won’t say the right thing or that our minds will go blank and we won’t think of anything to say at all. Of course, that is exactly what happens!

We fear that we’ll do something stupid, or that we’ll blush, sweat, or shake so much that everyone will know that we’re anxious. And ultimately we fear that we’ll be judged, laughed at, or rejected. So, we end up avoiding social situations, have few or no friends, and rarely have any fun.

Raise your fist and shout "We don’t have to avoid social situations anymore!"

The Fun Activities For The Shy, Quiet And Introverts In Ventura is here to give those of us who are shy, introverts, or just quiet the chance to have fun and make friends in a safe and supportive environment. When you’re with us, you don’t have to be perfect, pretend to be a conversational genius or attempt to hide your anxiety. This is a place where you will be accepted.


Anything that can be described by the word FUN.

Hi, I’m Michael Ford, the organizer of this group. I’m an introvert.

I will organize approximately one meetup every two weeeks and encourage other group members to organize additional events or just invite members to local events. The activities in this group will all be low key and relaxed and may include game nights, movies, going to coffee shops and restaurants, desert socials, picnics, hikes, adventures, communication workshops, fun classes etc.

I am a member of various groups and some of the most fun "hikes" I have been on had nothing to do with hiking but with going to concerts or just bowling when the hike was rained out with the hiking group. Some of the best times have been after meet-ups when we all had brunch. That was often more fun than the activity that was planned. I hope to pick fun things to do as a group and I promise, no 5 mile hikes.


I know how tough it can be for those of us who are shy, introverts, or quiet to join a group. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get to our group, so I’m happy to answer any questions you have. You can join the group even if you do not think you will come to meetings. Whenever there is a meeting I will include some helpful information so you will benefit if you just read about the meetings.


Please note that I am not a thereapist, this is NOT a therapy group, nor is it meant to replace any psychological treatment that a person may need. Psychological treatment involves assessment and treatment planning, which is not what this group is designed to do. This is strictly an opportunity for you to have fun and establish friendships.

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