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The emerging technology worlds of AI, Blockchain, XR / VR / AR, Chatbots and Voice come together to support the concept of a Metaverse. A persistent, parallel yet intersecting immersive world merged with our own, including its economy, work, and play.

We'll cover the technology, potential platform infrastructure, content creator economy, and other business opportunities that are coming up.

This group covering the NYC area is part of our growing national network of Metaverse groups and will have both local special events and shared global ones.

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Bridging Physical Worlds + The Metaverse

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We will be talking about the role of architecture as an experience, immersiveness, interactivity, and a new hybrid model that is emerging at the intersection of our physical and virtual realities!

"Everything that we design was designed for a purpose. But sometimes the purpose changes, but we refuse to budge from the original design"

The Metaverse is a multidimensional shared experience that has already begun. Different aspects through the creation of new virtual worlds both in the context of gaming, and other social venues and experiences.

How and where is it likely to evolve. It’s important we think of it not as a destination, but a journey or process. This is because it’s important to acknowledge the beginnings of the Metaverse are already here, "we are just experiencing it in 2D"

The main speaking event will be on Zoom and our community networking will precede that on NOWHERE 3D.

Event Schedule (EDT Time Zone):

5:30 PM Pre-event exploration and chat in the NOWHERE 3D web virtual space

Join us here: https://now.urnowhere.com/invite/VwruVQDmxafezkXhdIAMIVLOs?spaceId=8E7yOTuVOOYiGhjRW1pY

Quick start guide for the community networking event: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JbDvpa1syCtIoyt5828qTaO2P3Aj-N2n/view?usp=sharing

5:55 PM Move to Zoom (see online event link on the right side of this page)

6:00 PM Main Event Kickoff in Zoom: Pico Velasquez

Speaker Bio:

Pico Velasquez is a global thought leader and Metaverse visionary. Trained as an architect and computational designer with distinction from Harvard University, she has been the lead architect and creative director for prominent multimedia projects including the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities, Google’s new headquarters at BIG, the Elysium memorial for Cirque du Soleil, Oculus at Hard Rock Casino & Hotel, the multiplayer environmentalist video game Superforest, crypto/blockchain platforms, and NFT art.

As the founder and CEO of VIIRA, Pico aims to further evolve the sectors of culture, education, and entertainment by integrating companies and institutions with blockchain, NFTs, and Defi. Fundamentally, to build a sustainable decentralized ecosystem that seamlessly merges our physical and virtual worlds. Her clients span across multiple sectors including museums, grammy-winning artists, luxury brands, land conservation, and cities of the future all centered around community, innovation, and global impact.

Pico is also an international speaker, having recently led panels and discussions at SXSW, Women’s Economic Forum, Microsoft XR, Disguise HK, Google AI, NFT.NYC, FOA, UCLA, and Harvard University.

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