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ViennaJS May, in-person edition!

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Rob A. and 3 others
ViennaJS May, in-person edition!


Bring your JS interest and a good vibe! Everybody is welcome & feel free to share this invitation!

Talks and info:

----------------------- Talks -----------------------

🗣️ Michael Hablich
🐦 @MHablich
▶️ 10 Features in Chrome DevTools you are probably not using (but could)

🗣️ Lukas Klinzing
🐦 @theluk246
▶️ Rebuilding ChatGPT Plugin System on your own for Fun & Profit
-------------------- Location -------------------

Rothschildplatz 3/2/ab
1020 Vienna

----------------------- Sponsor -----------------------
🙏 Sentry
Sentry is the market leader in the error monitoring space and like many startups with engineer founders, Sentry was born out of frustration with technology. David started Sentry as an open-source side project in 2008. We started in a small community — the Django web framework — and over time expanded our technology to support dozens of other platforms, including browser JavaScript and mobile applications.
Fast forward to today, we're a $90M Series E company with a $3B valuation and 200+ employees on a mission to help developers write better software faster, so we can get back to enjoying technology. As one can see, the adventure continues exciting as we bring our developer-first Application Monitoring to more customers and industries worldwide.

Consider us for the ride - We're hiring:

🙏 Want to sponsor?

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COVID-19 safety measures
Event will be indoors
The event host is instituting the above safety measures for this event. Meetup is not responsible for ensuring, and will not independently verify, that these precautions are followed.
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