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ViennaPHP October Gathering

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The time is right for the next meeting of your favourite Usergroup - ViennaPHP! We will meet at the 10.10.2013, 19:00, at Stockwerk Coworking Space ( Special thanks to Alexander from Stockwerk who invited us.

We have worked hard to get you some nice talks! Full talk will be ~45 min. + QA, mini talk will be 5 - 15 min. Here is what will happen:

• Welcome notes and "composer in 2 minutes" by Sebastian (

• Full Talk: "Developing with Drupal" by Michael Klobutschar ( and Klaus Purer ( from Drupal Austria: "Drupal is widely known as free and open-source CMS but in fact it's more a content management framework. Content-Types, Fields, Localization just to name a few come out of the box or are easily extendable by 20k+ contributed modules. We will you present some basics of Drupal development."

• Mini Talk: Stefan Hupe and "Short introduction: Debug messages and logging with monolog"

• Talking, networking and having a good time!

We also have some sponsors in place for this meetup:

• JetBrains has provided us with one "PHPStorm Personal license" for each of the six meetups. We'll give it away to one of our awesome speakers!

• M-Software is paying our drinks up to 100€, which should be enough to cover our meeting.

Of course we need people do talks about PHP and the ecosystem. We are always looking for talks for the next meetups, so make sure to submit yours NOW. Full talks are 45 min. + QA and mini talks are 5 to 15 min. Here is a list of stuff we would like to hear about: php internals, fastcgi, php-fpm, php best practices, php cli stuff, composer, phpmd, php codesniffer, frameworks (zend, symfony, silex, laravel, phalcon), phpunit, TDD with phpunit, behat/mink, phpsepc, jenkins for php projects, smarty, twig, react, phing, apache best practices for php, nginx w/ php, phpstorm, databases /mysql, postgresql, mongodb, couchdb, redis, solr, memcache) w/ php, varnish, your project build with php, PaaS for php apps, vagrant, css precompilers, cacti, usw.

And if your company or somebody you know would like to sponsor the ViennaPHP Usergroup, just ping me (Sebastian). We would like to have some long-term sponsors on board which provide us with a nice location, beverages for our meetups and giveaways for speakers and attendees. Of course we are open do dicussions about how sponsoring could look like.


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