ViennaPHP November Gathering

This is a past event

35 people went

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This time we have something I'd call an early christmas gift for you as we were able to get an international speaker on board for this meeting!

We'll meet at[masked], 19:00.

Talks are again 45 min. + QA and mini-talks should be between 5 and 15 minutes. We have one full talk already confirmed and may have another speaker from Germany. We also made room for one mini-talk which will be given to the first person at the meetup coming up to me saying he wants to have the slot (much like Unconferences work).


• Welcome Notes by Sebastian (

• "Behat in 2 minutes" by Sebastian (

• "Building high performance infrastructure for PHP applications" by David Mytton (CEO ServerDensity (

• "Symfony Components" by Freerich Bäthge (CTO Sensiolabs Germany (

• Your Ad-Hoc Mini-Talk

• Announcement of our next Meetup by Sebastian (

Building high performance infrastructure for PHP applications by David Mytton (CEO ServerDensity):

"Achieving high performance is partly to do with your code but it still really depends on how you deploy your infrastructure. Dedicated vs cloud? In memory vs on disk? Spindal vs SSD? Multi data centre deployments? This talk will consider all the infrastructure requirements of a successful high performance infrastructure with hints and tips that can be applied to setup. It will use a high throughput PHP application used to process over 25TB of data each month, with billions of data points of time series data as a real world example. It will include things like OS tweaks, disk benchmarks, replication, monitoring and backups plus considerations for the overall architecture."


Our sponsors for this meetup are:

• 25th-floor ( is happy to host us and provide us with drinks

• DrupalCamp Vienna ( is giving away two tickets to their 2013 event happening the days after this meetup (November22 - 24)

• JetBrains ( has provided us with one "PHPStorm Personal license" for each of the six meetups.

• M-Software (

• Engine Yard (

If your company or somebody you know would like to sponsor the ViennaPHP Usergroup, just ping me (Sebastian). We would like to have some long-term sponsors on board which provide us with a nice location, beverages for our meetups and giveaways for speakers and attendees. Of course we are open do dicussions about how sponsoring could look like.


Of course we need people do talks about PHP and the ecosystem. We are always looking for talks for the next meetups, so make sure to submit yours NOW. Full talks are 45 min. + QA and mini talks are 5 to 15 min. Here is a list of stuff we would like to hear about: php internals, fastcgi, php-fpm, php best practices, php cli stuff, composer, phpmd, php codesniffer, frameworks (zend, symfony, silex, laravel, phalcon), phpunit, TDD with phpunit, behat/mink, phpsepc, jenkins for php projects, smarty, twig, react, phing, apache best practices for php, nginx w/ php, phpstorm, databases /mysql, postgresql, mongodb, couchdb, redis, solr, memcache) w/ php, varnish, your project build with php, PaaS for php apps, vagrant, css precompilers, cacti, usw.