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Pater-Schwartz-Gasse 11A, 1150 U6 Gumpendorfer Strasse · Vienna

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Third floor, follow the ViennaPHP signs!

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Last year in May the ViennaPHP met for the first time. This time we'll celebrate the growth of the community! Again, we start at 18:30 with talks starting at 19:00. Make sure to be one time ;)


• "Welcome" by Sebastian Göttschkes

• "One year ViennaPHP" by Sebastian Göttschkes

• "Codeception, because tests can have frameworks too!" by Luka Muzinic ( (Organizer ZgPHP)

• "Web application: Tech from startup to enterprise" by Miro Svrtan (Founder ZgPHP and WebCamp)

• Mini-Talk "Ressource Oriented Client Architecture - from a personal experience" by Thomas Subera (

• "After-Gathering-Party" at StockWerk (



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One year ViennaPHP

by Sebastian Göttschkes

It's been a year since the ViennaPHP usergroup registered on Meetup. Let's talk about the way we've come and what's ahead

Codeception, because tests can have frameworks too! by Luka Muzinic

In tutorials, writing tests is easy and test driven development is piece a cake. In reality, we are usually dealing with bloated applications, legacy code and hand-me-down projects. Codeception makes testing easier and something you want to start doing, no matter what horrible spaghetti code you have in a background. Also, it simplifies writing tests to the point where it is not only developers, but easily your managers, bosses, sales or even clients job. See for yourself what Codeception currently has to offer, what are future development plans and discover some real project experiences with using it.

Web application: Tech from startup to enterprise by Miro Svrtan

Mid 2009, was a 2 year old project gaining a lot of traction in local market. In 4,5 years we grew from 23 mil to 340mil PWs, almost at a rate of 100% every year. While we are aware that this traffic is zero to nothing in comparison to some of the world mega sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google) we are a small team (2-4 developers), concentrated on building a product for our local market.Talk would cover how we scaled our platform:
- bare metal enterprise grade servers hosted in our data center (no cloud due to latency issues)- scaling resources while in rapid development (business doesn’t wait for technical problems to be solved) - implementing new technologies- implementing methodologies (technical & organizational)
While a lot of projects, when entering their enterprise phase start to produce less and less features, in 2013 we have built more features then ever before. With same number of developers, focusing on developers knowledge and understanding of business demands (and few other tricks).

Ressource Oriented Client Architecture - from a personal experience by Thomas Subera

A small introduction of how Roca may impact a project, why would i want that, what the benefits are and what the first steps would be.


• Stockwerk (, the awesome Co-Working Space in Vienna, is supporting us with a place to meet and helps us organize

• DB Schenker (, one of the leading providers of integrated transport and logistics services, is currently looking for Junior Web Developers PHP ( in Vienna

• KEYOSK (, maker of professional kiosk tablets, are looking for additional employees to complete their team (

• is currently looking for Frontend Developers (, Software Developers ( and Technical Product Managers (


Tell us in the comments, talk to Sebastian or Stefan on the meetup or hit us up on twitter ( or facebook ( Everything interesting to PHP devs is worth talking about!