Codeweek: Vagrant workshop


We are happy to announce another Vagrant workshop. This workshop will be language agnostic, so please feel free to join even if you don't work with PHP!

Vagrant is a tool to "create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments.". It is used by developers to share their development environment with the whole team and to mirror the production environment as close as possible.

With Vagrant, you install compilers and interpreters as well as the tools needed to develop (like Unit testing tools, linting tools and so on) not on your host machine but inside a virtual machine. Source code is synced from your host machine into the vm and executed there.


This workshop is sponsored by easyname, THE professional domain and hosting partner (


This workshop is a beginners workshop, taking you from 0 to your first project within Vagrant. You'll need a laptop and a project you want to set up to work with Vagrant.

Your trainer will be Sebastian Göttschkes (!


Please prepare the following things for the workshop:

• Your laptop (!)

• A project you want to run inside the vm. This can be a private one or some OS project or even a wordpress installation or something.

• Please install VirtualBox ( and vagrant ( on your machine

• Please run the following command in your terminal: vagrant box add hashicorp/precise64

• When asked which provider you want to use, choose 2 (virtualbox)

If you have a problem with any of these, please contact me before the workshop! We won't have time to run through these on the workshop itself!