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"Visions of the future" - February Meetup

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Pater-Schwartz-Gasse 11A, 1150 U6 Gumpendorfer Strasse · Vienna

How to find us

Look out for the signs. We are at the event space in the basement!

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Node.js is "the hot stuff" right now and it hasn't even started.

Data is everywhere and everyone tries to make money using it.

With this two outlooks for 2015 we'll use our meetup in February to talk about Javascript and Node.js as well as data processing with PHP.

It's business as usual. We'll meet at 18:30, starting the talks at 19:00 and have a nice evening. The location is Stockwerk CoWorking as always and the organizing team is waiting for YOU to join :)


"Javascript and Node.js for PHP developers" by Daniel Laxar: JavaScript - a controversial topic among PHP developers. Do you know as much JavaScript as you’d like to know? Or do you know to much already? Lets start with the basics, tinker around a bit with useful code structures and then continue to more advanced techniques. Oh, and have you heard about that “PHP killer” node.js? We’ll have a look at what the **** this is and how it works. Oh and please bring questions so we can have a discussion afterwards.

"Testable and reusable data processing" by Florian Eckerstorfer: We are processing data all the time. Importing and exporting data using CSV, XML, TSV, web services, user input, data generated by another component; data processing is basically everywhere and we need to normalise it, transform it, convert it, filter it and write it somewhere. Due to its ubiquitousness I have seen a lot of data processing code and as often as not it's a mess. I am going to talk about how to write structured data processing code that is testable and reusable.


The Vienna Co-Working Space "Stockwerk" ( makes sure we have a place to meet and has filled up the fridge with some tasty beverages.


YOU are working with PHP every day, solving interesting problems, finding neat ways to do stuff and making your deliviering working solutions. And you should tell the community about it.

No matter if you talk about a framework, a tool, a methodology or anything in between. If it's fairly related to PHP or PHP developers could benefit from it, we wanna hear about it.

Send your talk ideas to Sebastian ( and he'll get back to you.