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Let's dive into some interesting technology this time. Not only did we got the ember.js UG organisator talking about ruby, but we can also take a glimps on how easy it is to build a REST Api. Pretty cool, isn't it?


"Ruby for PHP devs" by Stefan Haslinger: Come and join me for half an hour and ride with me the Ruby Line. I will be your guide and our stops will give you an overview on Ruby, it's ecosystem and it's community. We will also have stops at the library where you can pick up a book or two for free, the free cinema, and the play school. A mystery figure named _why will help me out with a fantastic story, and a dedicated soundtrack. You can drive one stop yourself, I show you a simulator, and we talk about Testing as a driver. If as a PHP guy or girl web development is your thing, we will look down on the Rails, while listening to some cool Sinatra music. Don't be shy, if you are more the Hobo type, we will have a freight coach as well. To be honest, it's my favorite one! We will never be to technical. It will more be of a fun roller coaster ride with the opportunity to throw in your comments and questions.

"Building a lightweight Restful Api on the fly" by Ali Sharif: This talk will demonstrate how to quickly test and build a lightweight restful API by combining Slim or Silex, Guzzle and PHPUnit.Expect a mixture of theory and live code and a functioning and tested API at the end of the session.


The Vienna Co-Working Space "Stockwerk" (http://www.stockerk.co.at/) makes sure we have a place to meet and has filled up the fridge with some tasty beverages.


YOU are working with PHP every day, solving interesting problems, finding neat ways to do stuff and making your deliviering working solutions. And you should tell the community about it.

No matter if you talk about a framework, a tool, a methodology or anything in between. If it's fairly related to PHP or PHP developers could benefit from it, we wanna hear about it.

Send your talk ideas to Sebastian (http://www.meetup.com/viennaphp/members/39941682/) and he'll get back to you.