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Here we go. The date just got confirmed, so we need YOU to RSVP NOW!

We are also looking for speakers, for our next events. I encourage everybody, to share with us their experience and knowledge, so please get in touch with Boris!

Meet awesome PHP devs and other interesting people at ViennaPHP, enjoy a Club Mate or a beer and let's have fun.


• "Welcome" by Boris Hrkic

• "Using Docker as PHP Developer" by Robert Koch

This talk addresses how to get started with Docker. It provides virtualization environment, but with less overhead than e.g. Virtualbox. We will dive into Dockers philosophy and have a look at the most important Docker-commands. Using Docker-Compose we can start a whole development environment with Apache, MySQL and PHP7 within seconds.

Robert Koch -started with PHP programming in 2004. In the last year , he is into the Docker ecosystem. Since 2013 he is working for e2-communications, a web agency in the area of sports- & betting-data based in Vienna. His company adopted PHP7 (on Docker) in the last months.

• "Handmade Webshop" by Dejan Ivkovic

His very first project "Elektrowasser", is webshop. He is going to present us, and he would like to get as much as feedback from us. Used MySQL DB, where there are two roles, one of them is admin where the "owner" of the webshop has access to, and the second role is "customer", where customer get access after registering.

Dejan Ivkovic (Bürokaufmann, self-taught Web Developer (beginner)) While doing internship in one publisher company, he got interest in doing web sites. He is self-taught programmer. Working with CMS such as Joomla, still improving php and mysql skills.

• "Outro" by Boris Hrkic

Additional talks? Sure! We need still talks, so please get in touch with Boris!

Sponsors? Sure! If you want to give thirsty devs something to drink while they talk about your company and remember it as one of the best around, come talk to Boris!


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