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What we’re about

Will You Join Us for VIP AFTERNOON TEA!

This group is for those female entrepreneurs/business owners interested in taking a much needed break from their home office, shared office space and/or working alone. You are invited to join this community for a VIP Afternoon Tea Experience!


My Mission Is To Create An Environment/Experience That Allows You To Be:


B’ INSPIRED and empowered by other females in business

LEARN new strategies to live and work more productively and with ease

OPEN TO DISCUSS a variety of topics that could influence your lifestyle

GROW personally and business wise with insights and tips from guest speakers

SHARE your business, business experiences and receive valuable input

GET Feedback on your ideas and gain insights and ideas from others

NETWORK with other ambitious people and discover/explore new partnerships and collaborations.

And most importantly enjoy your afternoon tea experience!


This Meet-Up Is For You If:


You are just starting on your entrepreneurial journey, you are  growing your business, ready to do business with ease, open to being inspired so you can   create a and live your own freedom strategy. 


Come Join Us For a VIP Afternoon Tea Experience!


The VIP members are budding and enthusiastic entrepreneurs on a mission to do things differently! They are ready to achieve great things, expand their ideas and network with individuals who get it and/or already to adopt the philosophy of achieving much with ease.

I started this group, because when I started my business I forgot to take Afternoon Tea, sometimes lunch and started to sleep less and less! NOT WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR!

I am already a Strategic Marketing Coach also known as the Marketing Stylist to visionaries! I run and manage my own businesses and social initiatives and my popular Marketing Makeover Workshops and Find Your Marketing Hotspot VIP Days.

As a creative, it’s important that I take time out to smell the roses and relax. Not only so that I can feel good for myself but also so that I pour my energy into my clients.

I find the best conversations happen over tea or a glass of champagne! 


Come Join Us For a VIP Afternoon Tea Experience. 


Come And Take A Break &, Join Us For an VIP Afternoon Tea 

Experience, Simply Because You are Worth it!