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What we’re about

HELLO!! We are a fun, eclectic group of people who appreciate all that life has to offer, with a twist of lime and some kick-ass hikes for good measure. What began as a group of backpackers looking for a walk in the woods has evolved and expanded to embrace variety – call it spice, call it cross-training, call it just plain good times. Backpack, hike, and paddle with us…or embrace the “MORE” of life and you might find us doing yoga, car camping or urban hikes. Bonus points if food is involved!

Why the twist of lime? Because despite our obsession with base weight, life is short and occasionally we enjoy ditching the spreadsheet. Because ‘boujee’ is not a bad thing…a 10-year cheddar makes everything better. Because we all need a little crazy in our lives and some good karma to survive.

Test the waters as a ‘newbie’, brush off some dust after a hiatus, or just enjoy doing what you already know well. We welcome all skill levels and aim to offer varying degrees of difficulty - our event listings will clue you in to the overall vibe and experience level required.

If you are interested in hosting events for our group, please reach out via private message to the group owner Pam G aka “Boujee” to discuss further :)

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