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What we’re about

Want to learn **parliamentary procedure **for your organization, ranging from nonprofits to corporations, to chair effective meetings while maintaining order? If so, here are some next steps:

  1. Study Robert's Rules In Brief
  2. Learn and practice applying concepts on the 1st Wednesdays @8 - 10 pm ET
  3. Hear guest speakers on various topics on 3rd Sundays @7 - 9pm ET

Whether you're a member of the board of a school, union, or home owner's association, learn and apply parliamentary debate and procedure to ensure the following:

  1. The minority voice is heard,
  2. The majority rules, and
  3. One decision is made at a time.

With feedback to learn and grow as an ethical leader in a safe, supportive setting, visit us to learn how we can help you advance your career at your club, company or community. Crowdsource solutions to your challenges by applying what you learned to level up with support from diverse leaders around the world, from America to Australia.

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