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This is a virtual Meetup occurring at 5PM UK time (GMT). Watch the live session broadcast on https://www.virtualjug.com

Just click to join when the time comes! The recording will be available immediately afterward.

Here's a timezone calculator: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Untangling+the+Mysteries+of+Qubits&iso=20191119T17&p1=136&ah=1

Take part in the live session discussion on our #live-session slack channel: https://bit.ly/337QHTE


How do quantum computers work? What is a qubit? What on earth did Schrödinger do to his cats? This session unravels the mysteries of those “entangled” qubits. It goes into the basics of quantum computing with simple and fun experiments, visual demonstrations, and a skippyball (known as Mr. Qubit), and you’ll even see a working running quantum computer.... simulator, in Java, built from scratch. The presentation also covers how larger quantum algorithms work by explaining Shor’s prime factoring algorithm and Grover’s search algorithm, without too much math.

Speaker: Roy van Rijn

Roy van Rijn is a director at OpenValue Rotterdam and software developer at JPoint. He's a JavaOne Rockstar, Java Champion and Oracle GroundBreaker. He has worked on miscellaneous projects and has given talks at conferences including CodeOne, almost all Devoxxes, Joy of Coding, J-Fall and J-Spring and many local meetups.

Roy blogs at https://www.royvanrijn.com and tweets from @royvanrijn. He is also the leader of the RotterdamJUG.