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VRTO ( Virtual Reality Toronto ) #VRToronto
VRTO ( Virtual Reality Toronto ) #VRToronto
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VRTO is back for its next deep dive Meetup in the heart of Toronto, and at one of the great centers of the world for research in digital media and Virtual Reality!

Please join us for an evening of information packed presentations, as always free of charge thanks to the support of our sponsors.

We open with some year wrap-ups and information about next year's VRTO conference. We will also be giving instructions on how to receive an exclusive US$150 coupon for the Vuze camera (https://vuze.camera/), thanks to our sponsors at HumanEyes.

This will be followed by a brief presentation from Adam Lipper, head of VR and Music for Samsung Canada. We will discuss the Samsung Developer's Conference, the platform, how it has changed, where it is going and how YOU can get your content seen.

We will then move onto the an hour-long hands-on presentation from Dr. Karan Sher Singh, professor and lead of the Dynamic Graphics Project (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_Graphics_Project) - an interdisciplinary research laboratory at the University of Toronto devoted to projects involving Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, and Human Computer Interaction. The lab began as the computer graphics research group of Computer Science Professor Leslie Mezei in 1967. Dr. Singh will be accompanied by JanusVR Co-Founder James McCrae.

* The presentation will focus on Vesta (https://vesta.janusvr.com/popular/all/1) - a freely hosted, open platform for rapidly deploying your own live Virtual Reality spaces to the internet. The website for the project however, is very lean on description or context, so I have invited Dr. Singh and Mr. McCrae to better explain its intended use, its tools and methodologies and how you can get started immediately creating your own slice of the Virtual universe that is growing every day with minimal need for coding or software installation. They will also touch upon the new work in Augmented Reality being done at the DGP.

* After a short break, we will feature a very special presentation, adapted and updated from GDC (http://www.gdconf.com/aboutgdc/) from Robert Magee - Senior Product Marketing Manager, SideFX. In this presentation, Robert will show how you can create procedural assets in Houdini that can be loaded into Unreal Engine 4 using the Houdini Engine plug-in. He will talk about how assets can be built in Houdini's node-based environment and then how to best deploy them into the game engine.

You can't get closer to the source than this!

The screenshot above is of a live site on Vesta, built from photogrammetic capture, featuring a realtime TV stream mounted on the virtual wall.

Here is a proposed schedule for the evening (subject to adjustments). As you can see, it is a VERY aggressive schedule and we need everyone's cooperation to maximize the time.

6:45 - Early Registration Begins - Name Tag Required
7:15 - Doors Open
7:25-7:35 - Keram opening remarks
7:35-7:50pm - Adam Lipper, Samsung Canada
8:00-8:55pm - Vesta, Janus, and DGP AR
8:55pm-9:05 - Stretch break
9:05-9:40 - SideFX, Houdini and VR
9:40 - 9:50 - Q&A
9:50-10pm wrap and kindly make your way to a social place to continue the conversation! The venue has strict access times.

Thank you to the University of Toronto, our host for this event.

There are only 125 spots available, and all guests must also register individually, so don't wait to claim your spot!


Follow us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/vrtoronto) and Instagram at VRToronto (http://instagram.com/vrtoronto) for social details leading up to and around the event, and please make sure to sign up for the weekly VR industry newsletter via https://virtualreality.to for further details and insights.