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Intensive Projection Mapping Workshops For Artists! Part 1

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Intensive Projection Mapping Workshops For Artists! Part 1


NOTE: This following is for information and community organizing purposes only. You must buy a ticket separately in order to register and attend this workshop. Please follow the links at the bottom.

Level up with a new skillset or group of collaborators!

VRTO and FIVARS are proud to co-host a 2-part intensive projection mapping workshop taught by Maziar Ghaderi at the Toronto Media Arts Centre!

This workshop is suitable for anyone with a basic knowledge in operating software, specifically Isadora (note: the software is $300 for a license BUT you can download an unlimited version for free at: - with the only limitation being that you can't save your file. Often, people leave it open on their laptop so that they can try various ideas. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the software before the workshop! Furthermore, you must be familiar with it in order to register for part 2 of the workshop.)

The Projection Mapping Workshop series prepares media/visual artists to use argumentative light as an artistic and narrative device in diverse forms of live art productions such as theatre, dance, concerts, site-specific installations, storefront advertising, event activation and public/city arts.

PART ONE - Intro to Projection Mapping (JULY 7) – $150

This workshop will teach you the basics of working with Isadora and it’s intuitive projection mapping tool, IzzyMap. Learn to use Isadora to projection map your video, animation, or images onto 3D physical objects and incorporate live interactivity into your installation.


PART TWO - Light, Form + The Stage (JULY 21) – $150

This hands-on course teaches students to customize graphical content (video, image) and then map this content on to physical 3D objects using Isadora, a node-based graphic programming software. Students will have the opportunity to put these techniques to use by workshopping with actors, local curators, and other key players in the theatre/performance art industry.


About The Instructor

Maziar Ghaderi is a Toronto-based multimedia artist, educator and director that works with visual media and interactive technology. With a background in multimedia production, his work is situated at the intersection of technology, the experiential and creative direction.

Keram and Stephanie from FIVARS ( will also be participating in the workshop and will be on hand to discuss the various ways in which projection mapping can be used to extend immersive experiences, let alone use it for creating interactive narrative pieces.

TICKETS (max 16 per workshop):
Toronto Media Arts Centre
32 Lisgar St · Toronto, ON
How to find us

Head to Charles Street Video inside the TMAC building.

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