VRTO - Virtual & Augmented Reality World Conference & Expo (ONLINE)

Hosted by VRTO ( Virtual Reality Toronto ) #VRToronto

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VRTO ( Virtual Reality Toronto ) #VRToronto
VRTO ( Virtual Reality Toronto ) #VRToronto
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VRTO 2020 will explore the future of work, play, and communication on June 6-8th.

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[NOTE: The following is for information and networking purposes only. A separate ticket must be purchased via Eventbrite. RSVPing to this Meetup in no way grants access to the event or secures a ticket.]

If ever there was a time to convene thought leadership around the future of work, virtual presence, and spatialized socialization, that time is now and VRTO is the summit to do it.

This will not be your regular video roadshow.

The show will be available on mobile, desktop, and in VR to foster social interaction while bringing the no-holds-barred, thought-provoking presentations and training that VRTO is known for, all for the price of one ticket. VIP tickets also include thousands of dollars worth of immersive training and entertainment content and exclusive meet and greet events online.

Tickets Available on Eventbrite: https://vrto2020.eventbrite.com
Key discussion tracks include:

Virtual Humans | The Spatialized Web | Game & Experience Design | The Future of Work | Education | Climate and Ecology | Accessibility and Communications | Marketing | Retails and Commerce | Business and Enterprise | Law, Ethics, Privacy | Autonomous Vehicle Systems | and more...
Featuring thought leaders from the largest Visual Effects companies in the world who have collectively won multiple Academy Awards and worked on such projects as Star Trek, Marvel’s The Avengers, and Lord of the Rings.

We are particularly excited about holding an in-depth and interactive summit on Accessibility and inclusion in VR, showcasing the latest developments in research and design, inclusive storytelling and hardware. Learn more about best practices, and the global movement to create standards around the inclusion immersive technologies. Don’t miss the roundtable discussions and demonstrations from key leaders in the field.

We’re Pleased to Announce a Sample List of Thought Leaders that will be Contributing to #VRTO2020:

Aditya Vishwanath | Stanford University | Inspirit VR

Amelia Winger-Bearskin | Contentful

Asad Manzoor | Pixomondo (Star Trek, The Mandalorian)

Brian Einer | Images in Sound (IMAX, Apollo 11)

Christina Heller | Metastage

Dave Cardwell | BrioVR/SpinVFX (Lord of the Rings)

Elizabeth Bieniek | Director of Innovation, Cisco Collaboration

Galit Ariel | WondARlands

Jesse Damiani | Tech Tock

John Canning | Digital Domain (Marvel Avengers)

Jody Tyree | Ford Motors

Kathleen Cohen |The Collaboratorium | Holoride

Kent Bye | Voices of VR

Nancy Baker Cahill | 4th Wall

Rose Barasa | Strathmore University

And more to come!

This conference is for you if you are a...small business owner, investor, employer, activist, privacy advocate, lawyer, experienced developer, game designer, neuroscientist, real estate agent, doctor, philosopher, researcher, marketer, educator, student, startup, psychonaut, astronaut, astrologer, inventor, early adopter, consumer, decision-maker, journalist, VC, storyteller, content creator, human being.

Existing Early Bird Ticket holders will be credited at the equivalent tier for this year’s event and credited for next year’s event as a thank you bonus

Tickets Available on Eventbrite: https://vrto2020.eventbrite.com

More Information on Website: https://conference.virtualreality.to/