What we're about

Let's explore ways to feel and look our best on multiple levels…mind, body and soul! This group is for anyone wanting to live a vibrant, healthy life while enjoying themselves and loving who they are now. There will be guest speakers, discussion & support groups as well as some exciting larger events. We will take an open approach, seeking the best from many modalities and approaches. We will also be exploring the edges of what it means to live a vibrant, healthy life. It’s also important to remember that what works can be different for each person and respecting all the different ways to approach health, wellness.

This meetup group is one of the local communities of The Ollin Institute (http://www.ollininstitute.com) (pronounced "All-in"). We will be offering cross-promoted events with other groups. We are also looking for people interested in partnering with us through hosting, presenting or organizing this group. Send Trish a note if you are interested.

Possible Topics Include:

Body Consciousness
Healing from Multiple Modalities
Customizing Your Vitality Plan
Multidimensional Personal Training
The Authentic Makeover
Story Telling for Healing
Conscious Eating
How to Navigate the Latest Studies
Food – What’s Right for You?
Yoga and Martial Arts
Authentic Movement & Dance
Bodywork & Energy Healing
Radiating Beauty
Ageless Aging

Past events (3)

SPECIAL EVENT: An "All-in" Life

Hotel Northampton

SPECIAL EVENT: What's Next? "All-in" Collaboration

Hotel Northampton

SPECIAL EVENT: What's Next? An "All-in" Future

Hotel Northampton