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What the individual is, the community is. What you are matters infinitely. That is not a mere sentence but, if you go into it , you will discover how significant your actions are, how what you are affects the world in which you live, however small, however limited. And, if we can fundamentally alter, bring about a change in ourselves by volunteering, then there is a possibility of creating a better world!!

First of all thanks for believing and taking a step forward To give back and Be happy ,to encourage the spirit and habit of volunteering in us , to contribute back to the local community of Dubai & UAE ,to develop a sense of commitment in whatever we do!!

Let us instill the habit of spending atleast 2 hrs of our time every month for the community!


Some of our ongoing project events in UAE include:

1)Blood donation camp

2)Old clothes and basic items collection drive to distribute to workers

3)stationery collection

4)FREE Education sessions to give back to community (Join https://www.meetup.com/themagicofthinkingbig...)

5)Hospital visits to counsel distressed patients

6)Visiting labor sites for food distribution

7)Volunteering in disaster struck places in the world

8)Medical camps for needy people and promoting health in community by #Walks,#Runs,#Awareness

9) Working with and for children of special needs

10)Inspiring movies of greatest volunteers the world has seen

and many more!

we welcome you to the group and invite your friends & family too!!!

"Amazing volunteers" has got the permission from CDA(community development authority of Dubai) to carry out volunteering events officially under the new LAW governing the regulation of volunteering bodies which was announced by His highness Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai

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