Building and Using Virtual Reality in Education

VR in Education
VR in Education
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At this Meetup, we will have the following demonstrations:

In-Organic Oasis
by Zongguan Wang, Yuxiang Chen, Heidy Bosques
This app provides a Mix Reality experience about a pavilion which is projected from its scaled physical model into a virtual Nature environment in a timeline of hundred decades. It aims to aware the anxiety of a Dark future by those possible destructive impacts by time and the power of Nature wildness, but meanwhile positively reveals a feasible design methodology by learning from the remains. You can navigate and explore around the pavilion freely in this uncanny virtual world.

From EARLY ADOPTER (a Glimpse Group Company):
VR Quest is Early-Adopter's next step into educational immersive experience. The product is a multi-user standards-aligned social studies education VR tool. VRQ, as we call it, is a Windows desktop application that is built in alignment with educator produced curriculum that allows students to build the worlds they learn about in history, then get into them in VR with their classmate and teachers. VR Quest is built for Windows Mixed Reality, and will be launching through our distributor HamiltonBuhl in the fall of 2019."

by NeuroStorm Studios
MOSQUITOES VS. HUMANS is a multiplayer VR game that aims to start a conversation. The game design highlights that mosquitoes are the most fatal animal in the world (killing almost a million people per year) and educates players on prevention methods that can save lives. You are either a NJ mosquito controller whose job is to employ mosquito prevention measures and keep the citizens of New Jersey safe. Or you are a mosquito, hungry for human blood.

NeuroStorm Studios is a neurotechnology company comprised of neuroscientists, physicians, developers and immersive media artists. Our mission is to apply concepts from the frontiers of scientific research in new technologies and experiences. (

Our purpose is: To connect educators, developers and others in this space to create effective ways of developing and implementing VR in educational spaces.

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