VueBLR #11 - Step By Step


Talk #1
Handling forms in Vue.js
Forms are an essential part of web application. Let us see how to build and handle forms in Vue.js. In the process, understand two way data binding and Vue’s submit event handler. Also lets look at how for HasGeek app, we used Vue’s dynamic components and computed properties to reuse the backend generated form.

Speaker bio: I am Vidya Ramakrishnan, currently working as a front-end developer at HasGeek. I got interested in web development while building an educational games website( for my daughter. I help organise girlswhojs meetup in Bangalore.I am passionate about sustainable living and enjoy gardening.

Talk #2
By Suman Kumar

Speaker bio: I am Suman, currently Senior Manager at Morgan Stanley. Have been part of front end development from quite sometime and work majorly in Angular. Like to play around with any new UI framework that enters market. Passionate about Photography and travelling.

Talk #3
State Management
By Rajan Chandi

Speaker bio: Rajan Chandi is a tech entrepreneur who dabbles in design, development and marketing of Internet products. Vue.js is pleasing to both his technical as well as the designer mind. He is attempting to build a serverless Wordpress alternative in Lesspod ( He experiments with startup ideas, meditates and walks a lot.

Show & Tell - You can present anything related to or built with Vue.js. (Slot would be allotted on FCFS basis).

We are accepting talk proposals on SSR. Please connect with @znck0 or @SwapAgarwal on Twitter for more details.