VueBLR #12

This is a past event

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Talk #1 - Supercharge your Vue app with Middlewares

While developing a Vue application, have you ever had to restrict a section or page of your app to a specific set of users based on their role? That's one of the many scenarios where we can utilize Middlewares. In this session, we'll look at how we can implement and leverage Middlewares to augment VueRouter, and a set of common problems that it can solve.

## Speaker Bio

Kunal Varma oversees tech at ClearGlass Analytics. He was an early Vue adopter (when `v-for` was `v-repeat`), and has since been working with it. He's notorious for his dark humor, and pulling pranks on his peers.

Talk #2 - Scrollytelling with Vue

Revealing/changing content as the user scrolls can be a slick and effective way to tell a story. In this talk, we'll look at a) why and when this technique is effective and b) how to use Vue to rapidly prototype and create such interactions.

Speaker: Vignesh Shenoy

Talk #3 - Lesspod CMS Code Walkthrough: We'll be going through the code of Lesspod which is an open-source serverless CMS being built with Vue.js/Nuxt.js/Mongodb. The Goal is to get a big picture of a medium sized Vue.js application and its components.

Speaker: Rajan Chandi

Show & Tell - You can present anything related to or built with Vue.js. (Slot would be allotted on FCFS basis).

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