VueBLR #15

This is a past event

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After a successful conference (, we are back with our next meetup! Note that all meetups going forward will be paid events and the cost will be used to host the next edition of AwesomeConf.

Talk #1
Vuex - Getting started by [Chetan Sachdev](
This would be an introductory talk on Vuex.

Talk #2
Atomic design using Vue by [Ruphaa Ganesh](
Atomic design is an evolutionary approach of breaking down interfaces into fundamental building blocks and build the system bottom-up. It helps us to build consistent, solid and reusable design systems. This has gained a lot of strength and popularity in recent days.
The Single File Component structure of Vue makes this approach a powerful ally for developers. Let me demonstrate how the union of the autonomous components of Vue works perfectly with Atomic Design.
A Frontend Software Engineer working with Freshworks, Ruphaa is passionate about coding, yoga and books.

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You can also present anything related to or built with Vue.js (Show & Tell)

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