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Talk 1 - Designing Interfaces with Accessibility in Mind - 45mins with QnA.
Speaker - Raghavendra Satish Peri, Deque Systems
Description - With more than billion people with various disabilities across the world it is high time that businesses rethink their strategy to
address this growing market. In this talk we will be covering few topics on how to design accessible interfaces.

Break - 25mins

Talk 2 - How to Optimize your NuxtJS webapp - 40mins with QnA
Speaker - Tarun Mangukiya, Iconscout
Description - In real webapp, we are using large number of packages/libraries, plugins, vuex, vue-router, etc. When it comes to speed, it's largely dependent on how we code and define our overall architecture. I'll deep-dive into how can you analyse vuejs bundle using bundle analyzer and improve your site's speed by using different webpack features such as lazy loading, re-defining imports and others.

Break - 20mins

Talk 3 - TBA - 30mins

Announcements & Offline Discussions.