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The season of 2019 Vue.js meetups will officially be opened on Thursday, 4th of April. Starting at 6 pm in Celtra’s Ljubljana office, we will listen to two Vue.js flavoured talks, one by freelancer Matjaz Prtenjak and one by Vladimir Novick, a developer advocate from

To hype you up, here is a little sneak-peek on what it’s all going to be about, in the words of the speakers themselves:

VUE: Some thoughts by Matjaz Prtenjak
In this talk, I will show you how I embraced Vue as a javascript framework for web development. This will not be a deep dive into Vue or deep dive into any part of Vue. Quite the opposite.
I will try to show you how Vue looks like through the eyes of an older programmer mostly programming desktop and back-office apps using (C++, C#, SQL, VBA, Delphi, Python ... ) Realtime GraphQL and Serverless made easy for Vue with Hasura by Vladimir Novick
Hasura is a free and open source GraphQL Engine that can help supercharge your GraphQL adoption, whether it is for a new application or for an existing one. That talk will cover:
- Using GraphQL to make CRUD operations from a Vue application
- Setting up access controls to data
- Building realtime components in Vue using GraphQL Subscriptions
- Wrapping existing REST APIs with GraphQL servers that can be deployed on Serverless platforms, and then merging them into a single endpoint using Remote Schemas
- Triggering serverless functions on database events

Now, one of the important feats when it comes to all things software related, is to never shy away from trying new things, even if there is a possibility of a less-than-stellar outcome.
Following this reasoning, we decided to give something different a try and put a little twist on organizing this meetup. You see, only one of the two talks will be on-site, while the other one will be presented remotely.

One last bit of important info: food & drinks (pizza & beer, that is) will of course be taken care of by Celtra.