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What You Must Know About Mechanic’s Liens & Managing Contractors
So you’re dealing with a Mechanic’s Lien – but do you understand the rules? What are the criteria for filing the lien and recording payment? How are the pay when paid and pay if paid clauses interpreted in Colorado? Do Mechanic’s Liens have priority over pre-existing mortgages or construction loans? We’ll be discussing these topics at this month’s Brown Bag Lunch & Learn: What Are Mechanics Liens How & Why Are They Filed What Are the Repercussions Title & Lenders—How They View Liens Practical Use & Strategies-Protection & Defense Q & A, and if time available-talk about Managing Contractors/Project Join the lunch discussion to learn what you need to know! After the seminar, there will be additional Q&A time. Topics you might want to ask speaker Al Roberson about are: Real estate development/investing Real estate funding, project management., Rehab 101, Scope of work creation, Managing contractors, Lien releases, Contractor agreements, and Design/finishes. Guests are welcome to attend our Brown Bag Lunch & Learn events at no cost. Al Roberson of Lead Funding has 20 years experience in Sales and Mgmt. and over 15 years as an active Real Estate Investor/Developer. He is a licensed Colorado Real Estate Broker. Currently have 4 investment property projects in various stages, and I do 6-12 RE projects/year. He offers coaching and development for new Real Estate Investors, and works with Lead Funding doing client coaching, project management., and business development.


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