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Snowy mountains horse riding - 3 days luxury stay plus one day horse riding
• What we'll do Have you ever dreamed of riding a horse in the snowy mountain like a real Australian cow boy or a cow girl? I have never done this before and would really love to have a feel about this. At the moment, there is a great deal in It is $315 per person, 3 days luxury stay, one full day horse riding and some snack food. The hotel is basically fully booked out during the weekends in May and Jun. So I have decided to move the event to be in Nov 2018. It would definitely more comfortable to do horse riding and bush walking in warmer weather. Please have a check on the following link and see if you are interested in this deal. • What to bring • Important to know Please do NOT put your name into this event unless you have contacted the event host for more details.

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Welcome to join one of the most popular, active and happy meetup group in Australia! Meet other local people who are interested in exploring more about this beautiful city Sydney and its outskirt area! This group is a private, not-for-profit group. Therefore donations have been introduced some of the events we run. Apart from urban walks and bush walks, we have also introduced a series of fun social activities during week days such as dining out, movies, festivals, expos to maximize your social networking experience. So JOIN US NOW, and see what is our next life adventure will take you to. Let us Meet, Play, Laugh, Walk and Explore....(All members by joining the group is under acknowledgement and acceptance of our public waiver shown as below, please read before you join).

Public Waiver

By RSVP Yes" to any events of our group is on the acknowledge and acceptance of our Public Waiver Section. You must answer the question"Do you understand that you are responsible for your own safety for this meetup" to be able to reserve your attendance of the meetup events!

Acknowledgement and Waiver The Sydney Walking and Social Meetup Group advises all intending and actual participants in any of the activities of the group that any or all of those activities may be considered “adventure sport” require appropriate physical fitness, competence and equipment and may involve an element of risk. Participants in any activity of the group do so voluntarily and in the knowledge of the fitness, competence and the equipment required and fully understanding and accepting the risks involved. All participants acknowledge that they take part in such activities at their own risk and will hold none of the Group, the leader(s), others involved in organising or assisting with the activity or any of the other participants in an activity responsible for any death, injury or loss that may result to them or to others through participation in the activity whether due to negligence, misadventure, accident or otherwise. Those inviting visitors on activities or deliberately or otherwise providing details of Group activities to others indemnify the Group and agree that in doing so they have made the terms of this Acknowledgement and Waiver clear and that those participating in an activity as a consequence do so in full acceptance of this Acknowledgement and Waiver. The Group, its leaders, those assisting in organising and those participating in an activity may, to the fullest extent permitted by the law, rely on this Acknowledgement and Waiver as a bar or limitation to any claim for death, injury or loss that may result from such activity.
You must read the public waiver section before you RSVP any of the meetup events. When RSVPed" Yes" to any events, you warrant that all of the information you have provided is both complete and correct and you agree to the terms of this Acknowledgement and Waiver and indemnify the Group, its leaders , those assisting in organising and those participating in an activity for any death, injury or loss that may result to them or to others through participation in the activity.


1. Walks are planned ahead of time as best they can be. Sometimes unforeseen events require the organiser of the walk to change the date. If you've signed up, you will be notified if this occurs. Hopefully you can still participate.

2. Walks can also be cancelled. This is typically due to the organiser being ill or bad weather. Often these cases arise on the last minute. All organisers need to cancel a walk no later than 7:30am the day of the walk. Waiting later than that is very unfair to the participants.

3. You should always check your email and prior to leaving your home before attending a walk to make sure there are no last minute changes.

4. If a walk fills up and you still want to go, email the walk organiser and see if they'll let you come along.

5. First aid kits need to be taken on all Blue Mountains or major bushwalks! I have one that I'm happy to let other organisers use if they don't have one and I am not going on the walk. Please make sure to return it to me the week after the walk is over.

6. Your walk ideas are encouraged so send them to me or another organiser. It would be nice to offer more walks so come on and volunteer to be an assistant organiser.

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