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What we’re about

Walking Dialogues is a meetup group for individuals seeking to engage in more than just small talk. Our community is centered around deep, transformative conversations, held during leisurely walks. These gatherings are perfect for those who wish to challenge their comfort zones, share knowledge, and open themselves up to new perspectives.

Our mission is to build local communities of like-minded people, promoting well-being, intellectual exploration, expansion of communication and social skills, open-mindedness, belonging, empowerment and inspiration. We aim to bring in-person connectedness and open-minded dialogues to an increasingly isolated world.

As we gather for our walks, we facilitate engagement with thought-provoking conversation starters, and request attendees to engage using our "SHARE" guidelines:

S - Seek to Understand (Active Listening)
H - Honor All Perspectives (Safe Space)
A - Authentic Experiences (Share, Don't Advise)
R - Respect Privacy (Boundaries)
E - Explore Deeply (Curiosity)

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