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Come share and create energy for our dreams in community -We provide safe, wonderful expansive events for your growth and happiness.

We so look forward to the unfolding mystery and magic of our upcoming community healing events

Building Community one vibration, one heart, one mind, one spirit, one body, and one event at a time!

Kim "Alder" McDonald and Jamie "Cedar" Rogers provide a cozy place to expand, ground, explore, jam, center, let go, relax, play, and dream big! Participate in healing circles, draw freestyle, meditate and journey, chant and sing heart songs, dream, play percussion and acoustic instruments, enjoy blissful vibrations, move in rhythms, and merge into oneness.

You have found a fun loving up-beat community in SW Portland that meets at least once every month! Potlucks, sound healing, meditation, reflection, The Creator Code, shamanic guided journeys, free play, dreaming, merging, drawing freestyle, muscle testing, vibrational healing circles, etc. We will meet outside (no school evenings & weather friendly) or inside.

Being willing, reflective, and authentic is encouraged at our conscious community events in SW Portland. We join together in intimate gatherings with like minded folks empowering transformation and healing.

In Collective Dreaming With sacred ritual and honor we will call in and interact with power animals, spirit guides, trees, plants, earth, wind, fire, water, and star beings that choose to guide, assist, and empower us. In this ceremony we will dream with each other until our dreams are one powerful dream. In this united dream we will awaken innate dormant powers and receive sacred ancient gifts offered to us by spirit. This heart opening dream will most likely increase, accelerate, and enhance your life and purpose.

Our Community Music Jams encourage everyone to try new things, items, and instruments- free flow! ~A wonderful way to explore and express your thoughts, feelings, and creativity in a safe community! Musicians and non-musicians together create amazing sounds that awaken and expand our minds and hearts, bringing laughter and healing. ~ All skills and abilities, from beginners to professional musicians are welcome! You can bring drums/percussion/acoustic instruments or just yourself... Some drums, rattles, and small instruments will be provided. For freestyle drawing supplies provided. Be prepared to move energy, reflect, and bring joyful and healing vibrations to your body, mind, spirit, communities, neighborhoods and our world! Supervised children are welcome too :)

Drawing Up Wisdom is a reflective intuitive experience where everyone co-creates community drawings by entering their hearts and allowing their bodies to move and draw with others! Beginners and artists are encouraged to join the workshop. This is so amazing and exciting to see what unfolds! The fee to attend includes covering the cost of all materials supplied.

When Merging In Oneness with animals, plants, elements, trees, and other beings you can expect to never be the same again. With ritual and permission, as you either enter a loving being or allow a benevolent being to enter you, your life will change as gifts are bestowed upon you and your heart opens and deepens in trust with others and self. This is an advanced workshop.

Muscle Testing provides a valuable tool to guide yourself as you make decisions big and small in your daily life. This is a small group workshop for beginners who wish to build self confidence in this complex world. You will know when someone is lying or manipulating and when someone is telling you the truth. You will make better food and buying choices. You will develop the ability to discern what is best for you in any situation. You will feel more confident in health matters plus much more.

Our twice a year Potlucks are overflowing with healthy gluten free and sucrose free foods where we gather together to share a meal and some fun activities!

During Shamanic Guided Drum Meditation Journeys, Cedar and Alder guide you as you sit back or lie down, relax and allow the sounds and rhythms to take you to inner and outer worlds following spirit guides and allowing bliss to hold you on your journey (( )). Teens and adults, friends and family are invited!

When participating in the Sound Vibrational Healing events you are guided and invited to co-create sounds, chanting, and rhythms using your intuition and following your heart while each participant takes turn in the middle receiving healing and bliss ~

Last but not least, The Creator Code workshop empowers and expands all participants on all levels including body, mind, spirit, emotions, cellularly, and lineage. All skill levels are invited to attend this radical life changing empowering co-creating workshop where you learn a new way of feeling, being, thinking and living.

There is Nothing to Fear and Everything to Trust ~Just Breathe

...Keep Jammin and make Happiness Happen

~~Dare To Dream In Community at Walking Tree Sanctuary!

Together We Claim and Heal our Dreams To Life!


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