What we're about

Come along and have some fun discovering London! This group is for anyone visiting London or living in London who wants to enjoy its amazing diversity; it's history, culture and people. Our events are interesting and fun; folks come back time and again. We organise some fabulous and varied events all for under a tenner!


What will you be doing at your Meetup?

Our meetups are 'Walks, Talks and Treasure Hunts' in and around London and surrounding towns.

The aim of our friendly group is that it's a chance to explore and enjoy different parts of London; to chat to fellow attendees and enjoy a couple of hours with like minded people. Post walk drinks are often available at a local watering hole close to the event.

What will it be like?

Fun! We have done the hard work so you do't have to. Just rsvp to what takes your fancy and come along!


Will it be an activity?

It depends on the event but walking, talking and treasure hunts - nothing too strenuous! If you do have a mobility issue please do let us know beforehand so, if possible, we can amend the event.

Who is Hazel the Organiser?

You can read more about Hazel here (http://www.londonguidedwalks.co.uk/your-guide.php)

Who should come?

Anyone who is remotely interested in London and its rich history. Check out specific events to know more.


Are newcomers welcome?

Yes of course!

Who shouldn't come?

Anyone who doesn't like walking , London, history or people. A general grasp of English is also useful.

What should a newcomer expect?

To meet a friendly and personable organiser and fellow like minded meetup peeps.

Why should people come?

Cos it's something cheap and interesting to do! It also keeps the 'ole grey matter working too.

How will members benefit from coming to your Meetup?

We're a friendly bunch. Hazel has worked hard to create bespoke well researched walks, talks and treasure hunts. One thing you won't be is bored. There is something for everyone!


How long will the Meetup be?

60mins-3hrs then optional post walk drinks. Check the individual walk for an accurate duration.

Is it okay to arrive late?

Not usually. The time you see is the time we leave. It's recommended that we all meet 15 mins before departure to welcome you all (holding my meetup / London Guided Walks sign).

Are the walks wheelchair / scooter friendly?

A lot of our walks are wheelchair and/or scooter friendly but please check individual walk details. If you are hard of hearing or have a visual impairment then please do let Hazel know before the walk, talk or treasure hunt starts.


Upcoming events (5)

River Thames Walk

Blackfriars Station / North Entrance (Stop L)


Join Susan Baker, your Qualified City of London Tour Guide, in a 90 minute guided walk to explore the city's changing river front along the Thames river.

Hear the origins of the nursery rhyme ‘London Bridge is falling down’, visit the location of medieval public toilets.

Learn the use of the river Thames and the London which has grown around it.

Hear how the Thames is as important for London even now.

Marvel at the engineering of London's first bridge for 100 years. Learn about Queen Matilda and King Alfred and the importance of Queenhithe.

• An enjoyable walk along the river Thames
• Hear about the famous Dick Whittington
• Meet other adventurous souls
• Susan Baker, a qualified City of London guide

• Start: Blackfriars Station (North Entrance)
• End: Tower of London
• Duration: 90 mins | Step-free access: yes (if lift working)
• Suitable for all age groups.

Tickets are £12. BOOK NOW!
You can either book via Meetup and PayPal or you can book via our secure payment system on our website:

Jack the Ripper Walk

Aldgate Station


Explore Whitechapel in 1888.

The case has re-opened. In 1888, the most infamous serial killer in Victorian London started his reign of ripping terror on the poverty-stricken streets of the East End which were first known as The Whitechapel Murders.

• Walk in Jack the Ripper's footsteps, down cobblestone lanes and dark back streets. You're in safe hands with your expert guide Jenny who has been leading Jack the Ripper walks for 24 years.
• See original 18th and 19th century pubs that the victims are known to have drank in, as well as churches and houses that date back centuries.
• Jenny, your expert Ripper guide, will talk you through the series of murders, including the 'canonical' five. Take a few frightening steps onto the darkside on your quest to finally solve the crimes of the world's most infamous cold case.

300 leads | 80 arrests | 12 prime suspects.
Will you agree with the expert's analysis of the prime suspects, or will you have your own theory?

Showing many photos, maps and pictures of the area at the time of Jack the Ripper in 1888.
Book with us for a spine-chilling guided walk!

• Visit original crime locations
• Meet other adventurous souls
• Jenny, a qualified tour guide

• Start & End: Outside Aldgate Tube station
• Duration: 2.5 hours
• Step-free access: yes

Tickets are £20. BOOK NOW!
You can either book via Meetup and PayPal or you can book via our secure payment system on our website:

Regent's Canal Walk

Angel Station


Learn about the importance of the Regent’s Canal and how its fortunes have changed over the centuries.

Join Susan, your qualified guide, for a 90 minute guided walk along this probably lesser known stretch of the canal. Hear about its history as an industrial area with slum housing. Find out how it has been rejuvenated over the last 20 years with boaters, tasteful canal side conversions, floating gardens, street art.

See where greats of the entertainment business Marie Lloyd and Alfred Hitchcock made their breakthrough. Finish your walk with some shopping or a bite to eat in vibrant Broadway Market. With high quality independent food shops, bookshops, pubs, restaurants and cafés, there is always a buzz and on Saturdays there’s a street market including street food to tickle everyone’s taste buds.

• Authentic different walking tour
• Get to know new places
• Refreshments available at the end

• Start: Angel Tube Station
• End: Broadway Market
• Duration: 90 mins
• Step-free access: no

Tickets are £12. BOOK NOW!
You can either book via Meetup and PayPal or you can book via our secure payment system on our website:

Heretics and Horrors City Walk

St. Paul's


Explore bloody London

Embark on this 90-minute guided walk in the City of London exploring the horrors of living through the plague and the Great Fire of London.

• Walk along the medieval street plan of the City of London.
• How would people have lived during the great plague?
• What did they do to try and avoid this deadly disease?
• Why were cats and dogs no longer safe on the streets?
• What were Watchmen paid to watch?
• We will discuss how Bloody Mary earned her name, was she as bad or worse than her father Henry VIII? And why did people fear her?
• Were body snatchers a necessity?
• Did Sherlock Holmes really jump?

• Authentic different tour
• Meet other adventurous souls
• Get to know new places
• Start: St Paul's Tube Station / End: Smithfields
• Duration: 90 mins
• Step-free access: yes

Tickets are £12. BOOK NOW!
You can either book via Meetup and PayPal or you can book via our secure payment system on our website:

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