#31. Apache Flink - Stateful Stream Processing (dataArtisans) & CEP (GetInData)

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We are happy to invite you to the 31st meetup of WHUG. We will be pleased to host Kostas Kloudas from dataArtisans (https://data-artisans.com/) and Dawid Wysakowicz from GetInData (http://www.getindata.com). Our guests will be talking about Apache Flink.

Title: Stateful Stream Processing with Apache Flink

As Apache Flink continues to push the boundaries of stateful stream processing, an increasing number of users are starting to realize the potential of stateful stream processing as a promising paradigm for robust and reactive data analytics as well as event-driven applications. This talk aims at covering the general idea and motivations of stateful stream processing, and how Flink enables it with its powerful set of state management features and programming APIs.

Speaker: Kostas Kloudas

Kostas is a Flink Committer, currently working with data Artisans to make Apache Flink® the best open-source stream processing engine and your data's best friend. Before joining data Artisans, Kostas was a postdoctoral researcher at IST in Lisbon and even before that he obtained a PhD in Computer Science from INRIA (France), His main research focus was in cloud storage and distributed processing.

Title: Looking for patterns with Flink CEP library

Flink provides a Complex Event Processing (CEP) library for quite some time already. It satisfies needs of many applications in areas like click stream e.g. reacting to user interactions or financial sector e.g. handling stock values changes. Nevertheless recently it was under heavy development, introducing lots of improvements and new features. In this talk I will discuss how newly introduced pattern categories like optionals, discarding and counting patterns or kleene closures expands the spectrum of possible use cases even further. With the examples inspired by music streaming platforms I will show how you can use Flink CEP library to specify and detect dynamic patterns in your real-time streaming applications. I will also describe mechanisms of underlying NFA(Non-finite automaton) that allowed those changes.

Speaker: Dawid Wysakowicz

Data Engineer at GetInData working to help people and companies succeed with Apache Flink. Actively participates in the Flink community what resulted in becoming a committer. First interested with Big Data technologies in 2015 while writing Master Thesis on Distributed Genomic Datawarehouse. Recently had helped to extract value from large datasets at mBank


Free pizza&drinks
Pizza&drinks, sponsored by GetInData, will be available for the participants during the meetup. If you would like to get some, please sing up in this form: https://goo.gl/forms/RWRzCYtZCE21NQhS2
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