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warsaw.ex meetup #2
Hello Alchemists, It's time to plan our next warsaw.ex meetup! According to our availability poll, Tuesdays work best for you, so we'll switch to organizing warsaw.ex on the third Tuesday of each month. Therefore, warsaw.ex #2 will happen on December 18 at 7pm in Crux. We have the following talks prepared for you: 💬Elixir for JS Developers [PL] This will be a quick introduction into Elixir programming for JS developers. I will show you why learning Elixir matters for us (yes, I program in JS, too :)) Level ⬛🔲🔲🔲🔲 👨‍🔬Andriy Mykulyak 💬An Introduction to Metaprogramming [PL] This will be the first in a series of talks about metaprogramming in Elixir. In this talk you will get to know what is metaprogramming, how Elixir made it great and how we've used it at Shedul to remove boilerplate and add some compile-time guarantees to our code. Level ⬛⬛⬛🔲🔲 👨‍🔬Kamil Kowalski 💬Functional APIs with GraphQL and Elixir [PL] Hubert Łępicki of AmberBit will talk about GraphQL - how it came to be and how to implement it in a Phoenix project using Absinthe. He will also share his experience about overcoming common problems or uncertainties around GraphQL. Level ⬛⬛🔲🔲🔲 👨‍🔬Hubert Łępicki Sponsors: 💰Shedul

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    All Elixir/Erlang and functional programming fans are welcome to warsaw.ex - a meetup group, where we exchange knowledge about building resilient and scalable systems that harness the power and maturity of Erlang/OTP.

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