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Posted on the facebook page bythis meetings host Aref: Next Sufi Meetup: Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at 7pm. Clarion Falls Church, 6633 Arlington Blvd. "Murshid" Dave, Aref, and Zaw have all confirmed that inshallah they will attend. We expect to see the Cosmic Comedian, Sister Andra "Mehera Baba", and everyone else. The Topic: "Are you religious? What does being religious mean to you?" This question is accessible to everyone, whether Sufi or not, whether in an order or not. There are only four acceptable answers to the first question: * Yes. * No. * I dunno. * I know, but that's my business. This Meetup is a Judgement-Free Zone, so we don't judge when others speak their truth. (A really great topic that oddly matched a several questions recently received from facebook members Sir !)

Clarion Inn

6633 room A Arlington Blvd. · falls church, va

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