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What we’re about

Washington Outdoors Adventures (WOA) caters to individuals in their 20s to 40s and serves as a social fitness group in the Washington, DC area. Designed for those who seek outdoor experiences and a connection with nature year-round, this group provides an excellent opportunity to build connections with like-minded adventurers.

x`The primary focus of WOA revolves around day and night hikes, backpacking or car camping trips, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), kayaking, 5K obstacle races, and Tough Mudders. In addition to these activities, the group occasionally organizes international trips, beach outings, festival attendance, winery or brewery visits, and various other enjoyable activities.

WOA is comprised of enthusiastic volunteers rather than trained experts. Our events are born out of our shared passion and love for adventure, driven by the desire to embrace the outdoors while we have the chance. It's important to note that participants are responsible for their own actions when attending WOA events. Safety and personal responsibility are key aspects of our community, and we encourage all members to prioritize their well-being during our activities.

Before applying to join, please thoroughly review and comprehend our core requirements (outlined below).

**Profile Photo:** Your profile picture must be an authentic photograph of yourself. This ensures both organizers and members can easily identify you on event pages. If you opt for a group photo, kindly make it clear which individual is you.

Upon joining, you are consenting to waive your right to pursue legal action against Washington Outdoors Adventures (WOA) for 20s to 40s and its Organizers. Participants bear responsibility for their actions during WOA events. Some events, especially when cost is involved, may necessitate signing a liability waiver.

Events vary in difficulty, so carefully read the complete description before committing. Certain events might involve non-refundable fees or associated costs. For hiking and backpacking trips, we use the hiking rating system from

- **Easy:** A stroll in the park with minimal incline.
- **Moderate:** Inclines and declines of varying degrees.
- **Hard:** Strenuous hikes, requiring experience for challenges like rock scrambling, steep inclines, stream crossings, etc.

Depending on the activities WOA engages in, participants might need to bring equipment for specific events (e.g., hiking boots, camping gear, safety equipment).

Some events involve strenuous physical activities, participants should be in good health and have the necessary fitness level for the specific activity.

Organizers establish specific times and attendance limits. RSVP "Yes" before the deadline. If you wish to join after, kindly contact the organizer. Change your RSVP to “No” if you're unable to attend. Punctuality is crucial; late cancellations or “no-shows” inconvenience everyone.

We may share tagged photos from events. If you'd rather not be included, please request that we refrain from taking your photo.

If you know of fantastic places for hiking, camping, or have fun activity ideas, feel free to message the Organizers.

Promptly report any serious issues, including harassment, stalking, violence, illicit activities, or reckless driving. Organizers may monitor accusations such as being "too talkative" or "creepy," and evidence of inappropriate behavior may be required.

Failure to comply with these guidelines may lead to the rejection of your application or a ban.